4 Tricks to Cook Healthier Meals Easily

by Alesha Wilson
(Wilmington, NC)

The food that we eat defines the kind of health we will achieve. If you want to become healthy, you need to work hard on choosing appropriate foods to give to your body. However, more than choosing the right food, you also need to choose the right preparation. Here are some fail-safe tricks that can maximize your nutrient intake:

1. Wash the vegetables before peeling them. Potatoes or carrots can give you more health benefits if you can get the nutrients that cling to their skin. If you wash them after peeling the skin, you are also washing away most of the nutrients in them.
2. Bake, not fry. By baking, you don’t have to add additional oil to the food you are cooking. Baking allows it to cook using heat and using its own fat. Besides, it’s also tastier this way. You can practically bake anything from chicken to mutton to veggies. The sky is the limit.
3. Boil. One good thing with boiling is that the nutrients from the fruit will remain in the soup. Therefore, even if your kids don’t eat the vegetables you’ve added, they can still get nutrients by sipping some of the broth. Isn’t that a good way of making them healthy, too?
4. Use fresh. Fresh harvest is the best. You are lucky if you have your own garden so that you can get the fruits and vegetables you need right before you cook them. However, if that cannot be arranged, you can still buy fresh ingredients from the supermarket. Just make sure that you use them up soon enough. Avoid stocking too much because they would be dry and nutrient-free.
Food preparation isn’t rocket science. You just need to know the basics: preserve the nutrients, keep the fat to a minimum, and use freshly picked vegetables.

Alesha Wilson is a staff writer at RockwelNutrition.com. You can get the latest Rockwell Nutrition coupon here. Alesha is a professional and you can believe her. "She knows her onions!" There is a lot of truth in her recommendations and I sincerely ask you to follow her wonderful healthy eating advices.

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