Aspirin health benefits updates reveals current health values of aspirin!


I believe in the power and potency of ASPIRIN and I have written two articles about it in this website-'The history of aspirin and 'Aspirin save lives'

Now the third article is called 'Aspirin health benefits updates' and gives a full report on the new and current findings of the fact that Breast cancer can be prevented and the growth blocked by the use of this wonder drug!

I'm seriously concerned about the health of my readers and their loved ones hence I have to enlighten them on this current findings. Breast cancer have killed most of our loved ones over the years and as such we have to be alerted as to the new and current findings and revelations of our dedicated Researchers all over the world.


This is the title of the article in London Mirror Newspaper dated Monday 22.04.2013 by Mirror Health Correspondent [ Andrew Gregory].

These findings were presented at the annual meeting of the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in Boston, USA.

I have to quote some of Andrews report, and they are as follows: "ASPIRIN MAY BLOCK THE GROWTH AND SPREAD OF BREAST CANCER, SCIENTISTS SAY"

The article continued,  "A low dose of the painkiller appears to prevent the creation of resistant cells that drive the disease  which kills around 11,0000 women in the UK a year"

According to the Researcher, the article continued, "In tests aspirin halted the spread of two strains. One was so-called "triple negative" breast cancer, immune to many treatments.  Healthy eating recipes!

But it also boosted the effect of the drug tamoxifen, used against a more common form of the disease linked to the estrogen hormone.

As well as halting breast cancer in the lab, aspirin significantly reduced its growth in mice.

A very significant statement is the fact that , I quote, "It had already been noticed breast cancer is less likely to return in women taking aspirin to ward off heart attacks or strokes but the reason was unclear"

The  lead scientist Professor Sushanta Banerjee, from the University of Kansas in USA, says, his research is a breakthrough because cancer stem cells are not destroyed by current Chemotherapy treatments."

The professor continued, "If you don't target them, it is known you will not get any effect, "It will relapse."

Professor Banerjee went on, "Aspirin's versatility makes it potentially useful as a cancer treatment" He added, "Cancer is not a single gene disease, Multiple genes are involved!"

Now, you can see for yourself why this 'Aspirin updates' is very important not only to you my readers but also for members of your families, relatives, friends and loved ones.

The use of this wonder drug is almost a necessity especially if you are a woman over the age of 25. They say, 'prevention is better than cure' and it is true!

However, before you start Aspirin intake, first consult your doctor and discuss your own case with him about the side-effects especially, if you have had cancer Chemotherapy treatment in the past.

Life is  so sweet and enjoyable and I personally believe that aspirin can not only help prevent breast cancer, strokes and heart attacks, but can equally help anyone to live a decent high quality life.  Aspirin saves lives!


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