Avoid dementia and alzheimer through healthy eating!



We have good reasons not only to smile but be glad that many scientific researches have confirmed that eating healthy diets can now help us to fight some of the old age diseases such as Dementia, Alzheimer, arthritis and even cancer!

I have always said that we are what we eat, and what we eat has a tendency to influence our lives, attitudes as well as give us fitness, good health and long life!

I want you to believe me that some of the fruits and vegetables we ignore to eat or take for granted can have healing and curative powers second to none! In one of my articles in this website, I can remember narrating a story how eating 'Plums' helped to cure my illness that kept me miserable and unhealthy for 8 months! It is a true story!


To be sincere, some of these fruits and vegetables we ignore to eat are very medicinal and good for our wellness! If eating carrots helps you to see in the dark, so might spinach! You know, it is not only 'Popeye' who recognised the benefits of eating spinach to obtain super human powers!

Eating "dark leafy green vegetables have some medicinal facts which says that they are high in a Carotenoid called Lutein that can help to repair the protective macular layer of the eye, which tends to get thinner as we grow old"

Talking about dark leafy green vegetables brings into focus the famous Nigerian 'fluted pumpkin leaves' that are so great and equally have high medicinal properties second to none. It is massively grown in the Eastern part of Nigeria especially in Igbo land and it is called "Ugu) leaves! These leaves can be cooked and eaten on its own as a meal and can most of the times be eaten with any kind of food! EATING FRESH FISHES AND FOODS RICH IN PROTEINS ARE SO IMPORTANT IN ACHIEVING HEALTHY EATING NECESSARY IN COMBATING DEMENTIA AND ALZHEIMER DISEASES.

Eating foods rich in protein are one of the most important ways of fighting and preventing these diseases. "Protein is essential for rebuilding tissues, transporting nutrients and oxygen in the blood and maintaining the healthy pH of our cells. Hydrochloric acid supplements and digestive enzymes taken with food can improve both weak digestion and nutrient uptake,thereby minimising the risk of mineral deficiency related fractures and oseteoporosis".

Eating fresh fishes or taking a spoonful of cod liver oil daily can supply balanced Vitamin A and D. Some scientific researches suggest that these have protective benefits against Ovary, prostate and breast cancers at intakes of 2000iu per day"

"The other fat-soluble vitamins, A,E and K, also support the utilisation of minerals crucial to strong bones and teeth!

Magnesium and zinc are equally essential co-factors in calcium metabolism,and zinc- found in shell fishes, egg yolks,and nuts is believed to fasten tissue healing and recovery from infections. Magnesium also has the benefit of moderating the effects of bladder problem,urinary tract infections and prostate problems". FATS ARE FOR DEMENTIA AND ALZHEIMER

These two deadly diseases have brought tears and untold misery not only to the sufferers but to the families, relatives and friends! To fight these ferocious diseases since they attack the brains, we have to do every thing possible to protect our brains.

"To maintain healthy brains, we need to eat diets that contain fats such as Amino acids and B. Vitamins as well as essential fats to manufacture neurotransmitter chemicals"

"Eating natural fats, including some from fishes and animals or dairy, is especially important to avoid depression, anxiety, and withdrawal and in the worst cases, dementia. Antioxidant support for Alzheimer's includes acetyl-l-carnitine,which can cross the blood brain barrier to neutralise free radicals. Some studies have shown that acetyl-l-carnitine, can prevent damage to nerve cells when there is a lack of oxygen to the brain"


It has equally been found that eating cherries might help to relieve the pains associated with arthritis and gouts.

Diets and healthy eating

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