Bean sprouts recipes are normally white in colour, crunchy and nutritious!

Bean sprouts recipes constitute one of the lightest,low calories and weight loss diet any body who is interested in looking after his or her weight and a glorious long life span can undertake. It is easy to cook and in addition, can be eaten raw!


Bean sprouts recipes are literally defined as the young tender sprouts of germinated beans. They are widely cultivated and eaten especially in Asian continents. It also features prominently in Asian diets and cuisines. The beauty of these are the facts that they are light and still contain lots of nutritious vitamins to to give the eaters healthy lives.

They are cooked and eaten with many kinds of foods and condiments:

Although bean sprouts recipes can be eaten raw, but it is safer to cook them. They can be eaten with boiled or fried eggs, chicken pieces, goat and beef meat; fishes such as prawns or any fresh fishes. They can be eaten with many kinds of vegetables including runner beans, carrots, tomatoes, spring onions,Brussels sprouts and mushrooms etc. Most bean sprouts recipe eaters usually add rice, noodles parsnips and even pumpkins to the cooking and eating!

Warning:  There was an unfortunate outbreak of the deadly E.coli in June 2011 which was alleged to have come from German-grown bean sprouts!

However, the good news is that bean sprouts recipes are continuously cultivated and eaten since that incident and they are safe as they have always been over the years. It is safer and enjoyable to eat them cooked.The are safe as long you take the time to wash them thoroughly before cooking or eating.


1.  It does not matter whether you bought the bean sprouts recipes in the grocery shop or obtained them from your garden, the first thing to do is to carefully remove the soil,dirt,grimes and stones if any.

2. Put them in a bowl and wash under running water. You can add a few drops of white vinegar and wash thoroughly. You can as well soak the beans sprouts recipes before cooking.

3.Put to boil with boiling water for at least 5-10 minutes and then add all the ingredients and condiments such as rice, spring onions, tomatoes, prawns , fishes, salt and pepper; and  meat.These ingredients and condiments should be cooked in advance else, the beansprouts recipes will become soft and soggy.

3. Once you have all the ingredients in the boiling pot,gently stir them intermittently for a few minutes and then allow to simmer for at least five minutes. You can serve and eat them hot or cold and I bet you will enjoy all the nutritional and health benefits of bean sprouts recipes!

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