Beans and rice diet are loved by average Nigerians



Beans and rice diet are regarded and profusely eaten in most tropical and sub-tropical continents and countries of the world. Beans and rice definitely constitute one of the most favoured and important staple food in Nigeria.They are freely eaten in every Nigerian homes, canteens, hotels and restaurants.

Both diets can be eaten with each other, singly or eaten together. Before the Nigerian civil war rice was only cooked in an average Nigerian home only on Sundays! It used to be Sunday, Sunday diet! Everybody always look forward to this Sunday's special diet. However, after the civil war things changed and rice was eaten nearly four times a week including Sundays in some homes.

Beans were eaten freely before and after the civil war. It used to be regarded as poor people's special diets. Teachers who are normally paid low wages feed on beans diet more than five times in a week. They were the first to recognize the importance of beans as a healthy diet. People who were found to be suffering from illness like diabetes were often put on beans diet because of its protein content! Beans and rice diet are frequently cooked together and eaten simultaneously with rich stews.


Before beans diet is cooked singly, we have first to determine the number of people that will eat the cooked meal. For a family of three or four, 5 cups will be adequate for two eating. Beans are normally measured in cigarette cups but not in weight as done in the western world. Cooking beans diet on its own attracts several ingredients to cook it with if the cook is not going to eat it with stew.

Before the beans are cooked, they have to be washed thoroughly at least three times! Cooking beans diet is easy if it is not to be eaten with stew. Beans are normally cooked under 65 minutes.If is to be eaten without stew all ingredients are put into the boiling hot water and stirred intermittently until it is fully cooked. It can be served hot or cold!

Rice diet is cooked in less than 35 minutes. To cook it on its own means that about 4 or 5 cups will be adequate for a family of four and for two eating! Rice diet is always eaten with rich stew full of chicken, meat,liver and even fresh fishes including all sorts of seasonings as well as salt and paper to make it taste better.

When cooking beans and rice diet together, normally, the beans after washing are poured into the boiling water to cook for 20-30 minutes before the rice is added. The reason is because beans takes longer time to cook!

Once beans and rice diet are cooked together or simultaneously, a suitable rich stew is normally cooked.Beans and rice delicacy are normally cooked and served in various local canteens and the women who sell them and their mode of cooking are nicknamed "Mamaput!" Mamaput is always very enjoyable and attracts so many low paid workers or customers!

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