Beef chilli rice recipes constitute an ideal healthy lunch or dinner meal!

BEEF, CHILLI, AND RICE RECIPES:  I don't know about you but this dish or meal is one of my favourites any time of the day, lunch or dinner time.

First, you have to decide how to cook this favourite dish.As for the beef, you have to decide whether to mince, dice or braise the meat. Majority of people prefer to mince the beef and it makes it easy to cook within minutes especially if time is not on your side.

It is also your choice to determine how many servings as well as how many people that will eat the cooked meal.

 I have eaten in many hotels and restaurants but I have found that none of them can cook and present this meal in the way I do it.

There is an art in cookery and I believe it. Some of the restaurants I have eaten this dish  have disappointed me. In some cases, the sharp taste of beef are drown by either overcooking or over and misuse of spices.

There are some bad cooks there in many hotels and restaurants. My advice is for you to do or cook it yourself.


1..2lbs of minced beef

2..2 cups of brown or white rice (Boiled in advance)

3..4 sticks of carrots or  1 tin of canned baby carrots (chopped)

4..Fresh chilli + 2 sweet peppers (red and green) Chopped.

5.. 1 large onion chopped + 3 spoonful of vegetable or olive oil

6..1 lemon (sliced) + soy sauce

7..Seasonings;  thyme, mixed spices, oxo, maggi or knor cubes + salt to taste.

8..Mushrooms and any other additional choice of vegetables. The cooking is very easy once the rice, carrots and mushrooms are boiled. Follow up with chopped onion, chilli and sweet peppers and put all into the non-stick frying pan with about 3 spoonful of vegetable oil or any oil of your choice.

Follow up once again with all the ingredients in the frying pan and mix gradually until all are brown and well cooked between 30-45 minutes.

Then add soy sauce and salt and mix gradually. You can now taste what you have cooked and see if there will be any adjustment. Do this and finally serve with boiled rice. Beef, chilli and rice recipes is not a heavy meal but you can make it heavy by adding several choices of vegetables.

You can have a refreshing snacks like fruits and fresh juices as well as slices of watermelon and pineapples. Nigeria goat meat steak!

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