Blueberry for  healthy brain explains how blueberries can improve your brain!

Brain health, Brain power, Sharp Brain; Sharp concentration, Active memory:  All these can only be possible and achievable if we take care or look after our most precious possession, "The Brain!" By looking after your brain, you must be aware of the delicate aspect of it and most importantly, give it the protection and the foods or nutrients that boost and improve it!

The importance of brain can never be overlooked! Can you correctly take an account of what you can do without the use of your brain? For a start, without your brain, you can not possibly lift a finger, or make any movement, walk, talk, play; laugh, concentrate, or even eat. This shows you how precious and essential the good health of your brain is. Yes, without your brain, the feeling of love, sex, or any other meaningful activities can never be accomplished.

To exist, we need a healthy brain. When we loose consciousness or in coma, we are naturally brain dead temporarily. If we are to be permanently brain dead then, we are dead!

The health benefits available from eating  Blueberry fruits, vegetables as well as  drinking their juices will not only boost, but activate, sharpen and keep our brains healthy:

Eating blueberry fruit and your healthy brain:  You will be surprised to note how eating blueberries can enhance the sharpness of your brain and most importantly, prevent you from contracting diementia and Alzheimer's diseases.

The good news is that fruits like Blueberries contain essential nutrients such as "Vitamin D, iron, and B Vitamins are the most important nutrients for maintaining a healthy brain and normal mental function," says Dr Carrie Ruxton, nutritionist at the Health Supplements Information Service ( 

"A daily multivitamin with iron is an easy way to get the right amounts of these. Good dietary sources of vitamin D include oily fish, eggs, red meat and fortified diary foods.

Sources of B vitamins include broccoli, and cabbage for folate, turkey or mushrooms for niacin, beans, or wholegrain for vitamins B1 and B2, and bananas or eggs for vitamin B6. Iron is found in red meat and green leafy vegetables, such as spinach, but meat contains  the type that iis best absorbed-called haem iron."

  She continues: "B vitamins are key components of neurotransmitters which are chemicals that carry messages around the brain.

Examples are dopamine and seretonin. Folate and the vitamins B6 and B12 also help to keep levels of homocysteine low (this amino acid is a by-product of metabolism which is believed to damage brain cells).

Iron is effective because it prevents iron-deficiency anemia, common side-effects of which are fatigue and poor mental function"


"Blueberries have long been considered a superfood for their powerful antioxidant properties, but now scientists believe this potent berry can boost brain performance and help protect against neurodegeration", Says John Carey of Cherry Active, suppliers of Blueberry Active Concentrate( "Flavonoids are a group of antioxidants tht contribute to the colour of plant-based foods and which are proven to improve memory function and sharpen concentration.                                                                             

Darker berries tend to have a higher flavonoid value, due to their rich colour, and increase blood flow to the brain, resulting in elevated brain activity."   Juices delay Alzheimer's!

A study carried out at the University of Cincinatti involving a group of pensioners with signs of dementia, found hat blueberries helped to sharpen recall, even when the memory had started to fail.

During the 12- week study half of the 18 drank two cups of blueberry juice every day for two to three months and half drank a placebo.

After 12 weeks, the group drinking the juice showed improvements in word association tasks and recalling words from a list and also had reduced symptoms of depression." The results were published in the Journal of Agricultural and food Chemistry.

BLUEBERRY JUICE:  Blueberries are powerful antioxidants and contain equally "Anthocyanins" which is the pigment that gives the fruit its dark blue colour. The darker, deeper blue fruits have,the highest anthocynin values, thereby contributing the most potent antioxidant source. They help protect cells from oxidative damage that leads to ageing and various diseases.


Apple is one of the healthiest fruit in existence and eating it and drinking the juice will not only keep us away from the doctor but will help to nourish, and help us to maintain a healthy brain. Apple contains Vitamins C which enhances the immune system as well as antioxidants that help clean and protect the various systems of the body.

Based on many scientific studies, drinking a glass of apple juice a day helps keep the brain in excellent condition thus, diseases like  Alzheimer's can be prevented. A glass of apple juice is super packed with  essential nutrients that may save you from the risks of cancer, diabetes,lung problems and so on.

Now you know that eating blueberries and apples as well as drinking their juices can do a lot in your life especially keep your brain and memory healthy, sharp,and  active!  Juices  solve health problems!

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