Braised beef steak recipes is a delicious juicy mouthwatering meal!


Braised, blade or  beef feather steak naturally in the butchers curriculum, comes from around the shoulders of the cow. It is one of the most expensive parts of the cow meat and often regarded as an alternative to Sirloin steak.

It has a nice amount of marbled fat running through it that keeps the meat juicy and succulent during cooking.

I could pay any amount of money to cook and enjoy braised beef steak this most delicious, nutritious, juicy and mouthwatering delicacy every day of the week! Well, it is like the famous fable, "If  riches were horses, beggars would ride them!"  I must be frank, eating this type of meal twice a week is a good idea but once every week end is better.


1.    4 lbs of boneless braised steaks ( finely sliced after roasting)

2.    1lb of button fresh mushrooms

3.    4 sticks of fresh carrots(washed, peeled and finely sliced)

4.    1/2lb of spring onions( chopped)

5.    2 small onions( ring sliced)

6.    15g (1/2 oz) of butter

7.    1/2 packet of frozen  runner beans

8.    Seasonings salt and pepper, + oxo  2 cubes + mixed spices and thyme + bay leaf

9.    2 tbs vegetable or olive oil.

10.  2 packets of ready made frozen roasted potatoes (to be roasted in a separate saucepan  in the oven  along with the  beef steak).

The first thing to do is to to pre-heat the oven to 170oC, 325oF, Gas Mark 3 while you are getting ready to embark on the full cooking.

The second thing is to season the beef steak. To do this first lay an aluminum foil on the the large saucepan and put the beef steak in it and then start seasoning by rubbing the the thyme, the mixed herbs or spices, onions and salt on the beef.

Follow up with melting the butter and spreading the liquid over the steak. Use the fork to gently prick the steak all over the body. This will help all the seasonings to penetrate into the meat.

Add the spoons of vegetable or olive oil unto the meat. If you like to eat garlic, you can add crushed garlic unto the meat as well and wrap the entire meat and push the saucepan and meat into the pre-heated oven to start roasting.

The roasting can take between 1 1/2 -2 hours and by that time, the meat should be soft and tender. You can then remove the outer aluminum foil and allow the steak to turn brown.

Once the steak is soft, tender and brown, you can allow it to cool down but remember it is for 4 servings.

By now, you must have boiled the carrots, spring onions mushrooms, and runner beans  as well as roast the potatoes.

As soon as you fiish with all these, the next thing is to make gravy with the extracted juice from the roasted steak.

Finally slice the beef steak and put as many pieces or slices you want in your plate and add roast potatoes, carrots, button mushrooms,amnd runner beans to make a healthy meal for the week end. Congratulations!

These are the steps you take to make a juicy, delicious and mouthwatering braised beef steak recipes!   Organic fruits and vegetables!

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