Brown rice recipes are super healthy diets!



Personally, I can't remember the last time I ate white rice.It must be many many years ago! When I see people eating white rice, I always feel that they are eating the worst specie of rice recipes.Yes, I can now remember that the last time I ate one was when I was in secondary school and that must be many years ago. I must be sincere, the difference is clear!

There are many species of rice but among all, brown rice recipes are the best. The taste of brown rice recipes are unique, soft, tender, smooth and seem to melt in the mouth compared with starchy white rice and other types of rice.

Uncle Ben's rice was the first brown rice I ate.I continued to eat it for many years until I discovered American long grain rice which was then cheaper than Uncle Ben's rice. The last time I ate Uncle Ben's rice was when I equally discovered that all brown rice are as good and tasty as the other!

Brown rice recipes are generally nutritious and can be eaten by the young, the old and even the infants can be fed with them without any harmful effect.

Rice diet is loved by all the people of the world. In Nigeria, if you eat rice more than three times a day you will be nicknamed Chinese! It is alleged that Chinese eat rice more than other nationalities in the world.

I love brown rice recipe. I can eat it ten times a day if given the chance! The brown rice recipes are good for the family and generally eaten in every home and in Nigerian parties more than white rice or any other specie of rice.

The most exciting thing about brown rice recipes are the fact that they are the easiest food to cook. Even a child of five can cook brown rice.It can comfortably be cooked in microwave as long as you have a ready stew to eat it with. Even if you haven't time to make a stew, you can eat a well cooked brown rice with low fat yogurt, natural honey,boiled spinach to achieve good healthy eating!

Brown rice are normally eaten with beans,yam,spinach even with boiled fluted pumpkin leaves. Naturally Nigerians eat rice with rich stews cooked with assorted pieces of meat,chicken, spices and seasonings, vegetable oil, salt, pepper and fried onions to mention a few ingredients. Brown rice recipes are versatile nutritious diets second to none!

In Nigeria, Brown rice recipes are generally sold and measured in cups. It is unbelievable that three cups of rice can comfortably feed a family of four and still have some left overs. Brown rice recipes are not only versatile and loved by many nations but they are equally very economical! In these days of food shortage, brown rice recipes can sustain the whole world if carefully planted,harvested and distributed! Nigerian traditional foods

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