Chicken leek pie recipes is an ideal week end delicious crusty family pie!


This type of pie is one of my favourites and it is an ideal Week end Sunday lunch for the whole family and for at least 4 servings. The crusty edges and the fillings with leek, or celery, a dash of mixed herbs, mushrooms; peas and boneless chicken breasts give the pie an exotic flavour second to none.

To add more luxury to the pie, you must eat it with vegetables such as runner beans, carrots, spinach, fluted pumpkin leaves as well as broccoli.

You may even choose to add mashed and roast potatoes to make it the real ideal week end nutritious, delicious  delicacy for all the members of the family.


1..4-6 Large boneless chicken breast

2..4 leeks, or celery ( cut into large chunks)

3..2 tbsp of butter or margarine

4..1/2 lb of button mushrooms ( chopped  or sliced into little chunks)

5..250g of fresh or frozen peas

6..1 egg (beaten) sauce

8..1-2 ready-rolled shortcrust pastry sheet, ready to use or make your own pastry by mixing milk, flour, butter and egg and kneed until finely made into pastry sheet.

You need at least 2 ready-rolled shortcrust pastry sheet  in case one is not sufficient for the large family pie you are about to make.

As I have always said, once  you know the recipes and  have the ingredients handy, the cooking is always easy.

 To make the pie, you can now start with melting the butter or margarine in a frying pan and cook the leek, mushrooms and peas until soft and tender and the liquid disappeared into the ingredients.

Then, follow up with cutting of the chicken breasts into several cubes or dices and poach for 10-15 minutes in soy sauce stirring intermittently until the chicken breasts are half cooked.

Then transfer the chicken, leek, mushroom soy sauce and peas into a large pie dish and allow to cool down.

Now is the delicate part to follow: Roll out the shortcrust pastry, and brush the edges of the dish with the beaten egg, and then gently and carefully mould the pastry over the pie. Trim and crimp the edges.

Finally, once again brush with the beaten egg, and then bake the pie for  25-40 minutes until the pie is golden brown. You must be careful not to allow your delicate creation for the family to burn or become black. Congratulations! You have done a creative and delicate work! Now you have seen how easy it is to bake chicken leek pie recipes. Devilish mocha pie recipes!

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