Cool lemon treats recipes is a low calorie healthy side dish for all the family!


This cool lemon treats recipes is small  side dish but super loaded with delicious treats made with specially selected ingredients.

Take for example -Lemon juice: Lemons are rich in vitamin C and is an important home remedy for common cold. Just mix  lemon juice with ginger for relief for scratchy throat to mention a few of the importance of lemon and lemon juice  which are some of the ingredients in this side dish meal. Lemon juice is equally one of the best blood purifiers.

Now you will know that having them included in this recipes is as good as scooping a health jackpot.

Another wonderful healthy ingredient included in the  recipe is 'Egg'. Eggs are super loaded with about 14 essential nutrients your body needs can be found in an egg and these nutrients are what you and your family need to stay healthy and active.


1.   3-4 eggs, separated.

2.   1/3 C of lemon juice

3.   1 T lemon peel, and grated

4.   1 C toasted rice cereal, crushed

5.   !/2 C sugar + 1 C heavy whipping cream

6 small foil pie pans and a Freezer papper.

To make  cool lemon treats recipes is easy as long as you have all the essential ingredients ready and handy.

To start with, first, place the egg whites in a mixing bowl.

Then beat with an electric mixer on a high speed until peaks begin to form and gently add the sugar on " T at a time.

Then continue beating after each addition and until the peaks stiffen.

Place the egg yolks in a separate bowl and beat on a medium speed until they to thicken.

Add the lemon peel and lemon juice and beat on low speed until mixed together well.

Now use a rubber spatula and add the egg yolk mixture to the egg white mixture and pour the whipping cream into the mixture.

Fold together until completely combined. Then place enough crushed cereal in the bottom of each of the pie pans to cover.

Then fill each of the pie pans with the lemon mixture and top with more crushed cereal.

Finally, wrap tightly with the freezer paper and freeze for as long as you want if you are not ready to eat it then.

However, when ready, to serve let the lemon treats set in the refrigerator for at least 1 hour.These are all the steps to be taken to make or cook Cool lemon treats recipes.  Lemon juice recipes!

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