Creative chicken stew recipes is super low calorie delicious meal!


Many people take eating chicken meat for granted not knowing that it is in fact, one of the best poultry meat available.

 Chicken meat, apart from being low caloried has numerous health benefits. For example, chicken meat contains cardio-protective nutrients. That means that each 4oz serving of chicken provides almost a third of your daily requirements of vitamin B6, which is necessary for the health of your cardiovascular system.

There are more of health benefits in chicken meat and you should eat the meat very often rather than red meats.

There are many variations to this recipe. Instead of using regular milk, use coconut milk and substitute red pepper flakes for the cayenne pepper. In addition, instead of adding rice, use an extra sweet potato or sliced white potatoes.

You can replace any of the ingredients with what ever ingredients you and your family love or like. For instance, you can also add small quantity of shrimps along with the chicken  for an extra superb taste and nutrients.

The preparation of this dish -Creative chicken stew recipes is approximately 15 minutes and the baking time is about 45 minutes. The meal will be ready within 1 hour.


1.    2lbs of chicken breasts

2.   1 C of white rice + 1 onion diced

3.   1 2/3 C of chicken broth

4.   1 red bell pepper, cored, seeded, and sliced.

5.   1 1/3  C of milk + 4 tomatoes, diced

6.   4 garlic cloves, minced

7.   1/2 t of cayenne pepper

8.   1/2 t salt +1/4 of pepper to taste

9.   6 T of creamy peanut butter

10.   1 sweet potato, cut into cubes + 1 (5oz) pkg. frozen spinach

To start cooking Creative chicken stew recipes, first, spray the inside and the underneath of the lid of a cast iron Dutch oven well with cooking spray.

The next thing t6o do is to preset the oven temperature to 450 degrees allowing the oven to preheat. Now follow up with spreading the onions over the bottom of the pan.

Now place the rice into the pan and pour the broth over the rice and stir to coat the rice and then spread into an even layer.

Now lay the chicken over the rice and top the chicken with the bell pepper slices. Pour the milk into a small mixing bowl and whisk in the garlic, cayenne and salt and pepper.

Now add the peanut butter and stir until the peanut butter dissolves.

Pour the mixture over the top of the chicken and peppers.

Finally, layer in the tomatoes, then the potatoes and top with spinach and cover and bake for 45 minutes or until the chicken is well cooked.

These are all about cooking Creative chicken stew recipes. Healthy eating ideas!

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