Drink coffee live longer explains how you can live longer by drinking coffee!

WONDERS, RESEARCHES AND MEDICAL AND TECHNOLOGICAL DISCOVERIES SHALL NEVER END!   Life is sweet, the longer you live, the more enjoyable it becomes!. Over the centuries, man have wanted to have the elixir of life, especially immortality or live longer life with out success but today, who could believe that drinking at least three cups of coffee or more a day can prolong our lives. In short help us to live longer in good health.

This is the latest discovery by our scientific researchers. The result of this study discovery was recently published in the Journal of Caffeine Research.

I read this article  in the London Metro Newspaper dated 22nd February 2013. It was written by the Metro reporter Mr Etan Smallman and  captioned thus:  I quote, "Want to live longer? Three coffees a day should do it"

The article continued, "Perk up your chances of living for longer by drinking three cups of coffee every day...possibly."

"The more caffeine-packed brew you drink, the less likely you are to die from chronic health conditions such as heart attacks, respiratory disease, strokes, diabetes and infections, say researchers." 

We all use to assume that too much intake of caffeine was considered unhealthy and bad to our health but more researches have given us some findings and discoveries to cheer us all  up!  I in particular, have been drinking coffee all my life. I can't remember if I have ever tasted tea before. Oh, yes, I did when I was in secondary school in Nigeria many years ago!

Quoting the article, "a study of almost half a million older people found that at the high end of coffee-drinking- six or more cups a day, there was a 10-15 percent reduction in dying"

Dr Neal Freedman of the National Cancer Institute, said: "What we found was an inverse association between coffee drinking and the risk of death overall. The association was similar for men and women, and tended to get stronger as participants drank more coffee, though the result was similar to those who drank three cups a day and those who drank more."

"Theparticipants, aged 50 to 71, were followed for 12 years as part of the US-based research which revealed a clear trend of a longer, healthier life"  However, they warned that smokers and high alcohol drinkers may not be fortunate to enjoy the privilege of living longer. They equally promised to do more researches to find out or identify the chemicals in coffeee that seem to preserve life.

Finally, Dr Freedman added: "Coffee could be (working by) affecting blood pressure. It is possible that different compounds in coffee are important".

I have great pleasure and excitement to come by this wonderful current research findings hence, I could not hestitate to share the good news with my readers. We all can now live longer by drinking at least three cups of coffee or more a day!  Healthy diet and healthy eating!

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