It is a wonderful idea to eat beetroot and drink the juice as well because they contain essential Vitamins such as Vitamins C, nitrates, manganese, potassium; and folic acid and these are excellent source of nutrients. Folic acid in particular, is very essential to pregnant women because they help to reduce the chances of babies being born with some deformities or birth defects.

BEETROOT EATEN COOKED,  BOILED OR UN COOKED:  It is also exciting to note that beetroot can be eaten cooked or raw. Eating it raw, you are bound to enjoy some important nutrients such as betaine. Scientific researches have shown  that betaine reduces several compounds linked to inflammation in the body, and could also prevent strokes and heart diseases.

It equally helps fight cancer. The chemical copounds that give beetroot its purple-red colour hold the potential to reduce the risk of cancer. Yes, the raw beetroot can be juiced and drank to enhance good health. Most importantly,it is easily absorbed into the blood stream or vessels.The juice have been known for centuries as traditional form of medicine to "cleanse the liver and the system"

You should try and eat beetroot often:  It is advisable to eat beetroot very often because this deep red vegetable is rich in chemicals called Betalains and the function is help the liver to eliminate unwanted substances from the body. Apart from being rich in essential vitamins like Vitamin C, it is equally important for your detoxification system.

Beetroot can be eaten on its own or eaten with salad, rice, bean sprouts, and can also be baked and eaten with or without sauce. You can always choose the way you want to eat this super-red vegetable.

EATING BEETROOTS ENHANCES ATHLETES PERFORMANCES:  "Wonders shall never end!" It is believed that athletes in Ancient Egypt and Greece recognized the importance of eating boiled or baked beetroots before any competition or competitive races. Several researches have shown that eating beetroots enhances performance, possibly because of its nitrate contents.

It is found that the nitrates relax and open up blood vessels. This naturally means that the muscles are adequately supplied with oxygen, making them work more efficiently.

USA SCIENTIFIC STUDIES:   According to US researchers, athletes who ate beetroots before a race achieved faster times. They explained that the high levels of nitrates found in the vegetables are definitely the cause!

"SCIENTISTS AT SAINT LOUIS UNIVERSITY EXPERIMENTS:  In their experiment, they asked 11 fit volunteers to run three miles on a treadmill, twice."  "An hour before the first run, they ate a 200g portion of baked beetroot. Before the second run, the volunteers ate a similar amount of Cranberry sauce, which has the same number of calories, but lower nitrate levels."

Eventually, after the races, they found that the speed was 11.9k per hour (7.3mph),on average after the Cranberry.

But after the beetroot, it was 12.3kmp (7.6 mph).

From this write up and experiments, atheletes might be better off eating beetroots before their race competitions. This is natural stimulant which is much more and better than the illegal Enhancement drugs they spend lots of money in buying.

Eat beetroot because it helps to cleanse the liver, which is one of the most overworked organs in our body. In addition, it needs to be protected, but most importantly, because it has over 500 functions and these include removing toxic and excess hormones, and metabolizing fat. Eat beetroot because they are available all year round! Juicing for antioxidants.

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