Eat home made lunch by controlling what you eat and how much you eat!

Home made Lunch:   Eating home made lunch has not only numerous advantages but can give positive dimension to your life and your eating habits.

Unless you are one of those lazy individuals who can not even boil an egg, then you have problems which only you can solve. A friend of mine once told me a story of a guy who bought large lamb Kebab and had had the first mouth full when he discovered several maggots literally dancing on the kebab slices.

That was the last time he ate Kebab! Another guy during my college days here in England bought not only stale egg sandwiches only to find maggots in between. The maggots decorated the fillings and that too was the last time that guy ate sandwiches which he did not make by himself!

Apart from saving lots of money, there are added psychological feelings when you eat home made lunch made by yourself.But the most important advantage is being able to control what you eat, where you eat, how much you eat unlike when you eat out or eat in a restaurant or cafe.

You need fibre in most of your diets as well as fruits and vegetables:  The easiest way to increase the amount of fibre in your diet is to increase your intake of unrefined carbohydrates. In such instance, you have to make your sandwiches with wholemeal brown bread with fillings from fishes, lean meat, egg as well as some root vegetables.

Cheapness:  You need not be told how cheap your home made lunch can be compared with buying from shops or cafes.The most exciting aspect is the fact that you know what you are eating as well as the fact that you know the type of nutrients you are tucking in.

Preparing your meal at home by yourself helps you to customise your diet to your taste, choice and to your healthy eating needs.

Calories:   Preparing and eating your home made lunch allows you to chose low fat, low calorie healthy foods for your lunch.  Buying foods from "Fast Foods" whether as 'Take Away' or to eat at their premises is even worse. Their food is generally known as "Junk foods" They don't bother about you as far as healthy eating is concerned.

All they want is to give you what you want since they realise that you are a very  lazy person. Besides, they are there to make money and not to advise you on healthy eating! 

Eating your own home made lunch enables you to have a constant day to day five portions of fruits and vegetables. You can even chose dried fruits for your lunch since they contain lots of nutrients and vitamins that are good to your health and life. Finally eating home made lunch enables you to save a lot especially if you are eating on budget. It equally saves you from panic buying and feeding.   Guidelines to healthy eating!

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