Eating for healthy skin involve eating special diets, fruits and vegetables!

It is a fact generally accepted that we are what we eat! Most of the time, our smooth skins, gorgeous, wrinkle-less or wrinkle-free complexions are determined by the nutrients from the kind of food and vitamins that we eat.It is true that the nutrients found in these foods account for the nourishment of the skin.

To keep our skin looking great, we need to eat essential vitamins such as vitamins C, vitamin E, Zinc; and copper!

Vitamin E : This vitamin is not only important but essential for keeping our skin healthy and elastic. Eating Brazil nuts with its antidioxidant and Selenium can also do lots of good to our skin. It really does give us healthy skin.

Fruits for healthy skin: 

Tomato and Tomato juices:  Eating tomatoes and drinking the juices often have lots of healthy benefits because they are both rich in vitamin C and vitamin A as well as vitamin B-complex. these are essential for developing healthy nerves, immune system, healthy digestive system and most importantly, healthy and young-looking skin.

Copper: Minerals such as copper affect skin pigmentation and in that case, you are advised to eat some seafood, eggs and lean meat.

Sweet potatoes for healthy skin: Eat sweet potatoes for healthy skin! It is one of the wonders we all take for granted. "The pumpkin-coloured hue of sweet potatoes not only looks pretty on your dinner table, but its shade also works wonders on your complexion" says Sue Moores!

Sweet potatoes like carrots, has essential beta-carotene which, as antioxidant whose red, yellow and orange pigments "dress many vegetables in their vibrant colours" Beta-carotene has protective qualities to defend against the damages that sun exposure will cause" says Moores.

Salmon:  For beautiful skin eat Salmon! This fish has one of the richest  concentrations of Omega-3 fatty acids. These healthy fats have the tendency to nourish the skin by reducing the body's production of inflammatory substances, decreasing clogged pores,and preventing fine lines and wrinkles.

In addition to this Salmon and many other fruits, vegetables, their juices are equally very active and essential in building healthy skin. Juices healthy skin

Kiwi fruits for healthy skin:  Kiwi fruit is one of the tropical fruits specifically from Australia. It is quick and easy to peel and enjoy. It is described as one of the  "uncelebrated heroes and supplier of supple skin" It is loaded and packed with vitamin C per ounce. Vitamin C helps to maintain the Collagenin in our skin. Sue Moores says:  "Kiwi fruit is an ideal  carrier since it locks in the juicy benefits firmly beneath its furry skin"

Other essential fruits, foods and vegetables for healthy skin include apples, watermelon, carrots, avocado pears; sun flower seeds etc. "The nutrients found in these fruits, vegetables and foods beneath the skin because they nourish us from the inside out" concluded Sue Moores. Eating for healthy skin is simple and easy as long as you follow the advices in this article. You must do your best to research for more relevant information.  Organic fruits and vegetables!

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