Eating healthy on budget does not mean starving yourself!

Eating healthy on budget: Some people believe that in order to eat healthy foods, one has to spend a lot of money. This is not true! If you are really serious about eating  healthy on budget, there are thousands and one healthy diets you can eat without breaking the bank or spending a lot of money.

Take an example, do you know that eating watermelon fruit and a few spinach and fresh fish can keep you healthy all year round? When you consider the nutrients and vitamins in these  above mentioned fruit and vegetables, you will be amazed what you will find and yet they are comparatively very cheap!

Follow my recommendations and discover how you can easily eat healthy on budget:

Balanced diets:  You can comfortably east healthy on budget by eating balanced diets which are rich in antioxidants, nutrients and micro nutrients.

Eat healthy balanced diets with 70% carbohydrates, of which half is wholegrain ( brown rice), pasta, bread, and half made up fresh fruits and vegetables and must include apples, watermelon, pineapples, carrots, mushrooms, runner beans, beans sprouts, broccoli,spinach etc. These are relatively very cheap to buy and to eat.

Eat 20% protein and these are found in eggs, beans, pulses,oil fish, fresh fish and lean meat and they are very cheap that with N3000 Nigerian Naira, or £5 in British money you can have lots of healthy diets on the cheap.  Healthy eating diet advice!

Then you can comfortably spend only 10% on diary products such as milk, and on low calorie yoghurt.

However, if money is really tight, you must try and survive on limited budget and you have to sit down and make some lists of what you want and what might be luxury or necessity.

 1..To begin with, always eat breakfast before you leave your home in the morning. This will save you lots if you have to buy food from a restaurant.

 2.. For your lunch, make your own sandwiches and fill in all healthy fillings you might enjoy for example, egg, lettuce, tomatoes, butter and margarine etc

 3..Avoid buying ready made foods. You can always buy fresh raw foods and vegetables and fruits from your green grocer or supermarket and cook the food by yourself. Home cooking is not only healthy but cheap comparatively.

 4.. Always have a good stock of fresh fruits handy and eat  at least five portions every day.They are healthy!

 5..Use coupons and vouchers fro supermarkets to buy some foods including fresh fruits and vegetables.

 6..Eat egg every day especially for your breakfast. Studies have shown that eggs are good for you and can be eaten 7 days a week without any cholesterol problems.

Finally, do most of your shoppings on Saturday afternoon or evenings because the stall holders have the tendency to reduce most of their perishable and non-perishable foods and fruits at these particular times. Give it a trial and you will be convinced.

Water ,driking lots of cold water will give you lots of health benefits you an never believe.  Don't overlook the importance of drinking water when you aim to to eat healthy on the budget!

I have done it at Hackney, Edmonton and Walthamstow markets in London and I must be frank, you will be astounded what healthy eating diets, or foods and fruits and vegetables you can buy on the budget or on the cheap!  Eating healthy on the budget is real and achievable once you follow my advice. But don't take my words for it..try it yourself and be convinced!  Nigerian food recipes!

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