Eggs mackerel kippers breakfast make an ideal choice for healthy eating!

EGGS, MACKEREL, AND KIPPERS BREAKFAST:  This constitute an ideal  breakfast in many civilized or developed countries of the world and when baked beans, toast, tomatoes and bacon are added they eventually become what is called 'Balanced Diet!'

To be sincere, this is an ideal breakfast for even the prisioners here in England and many civilized countries of the world.The p[risoners in Nigeria and most third world countries would be glad if they have one egg a week for breakfast.

An average Nigeria in the village have many reasons to skip breakfast. Many years ago I used to eat palm kernel for breakfast. During my days, in Nigeria there were times when eating 'Akpu' for "belle-forse" used to be a luxury. The real fact is that an average Nigerian don't reall bother about breakfast. They prefer eating heavy during dinner.To them, dinner is more important than breakfast.

Even as of today in many rural areas of Nigeria, people still eat akpu, boiled yam or eba gari and soup for breakfast. In the various cities in Nigeria, the Civil servants and other office workers enjoy eating beans and rice or boiled yam and stew at different Canteens or from reputable food hawkers called  "Mamaput!"

Those who can afford what is regarded as common breakfast  here in Europe  such as eggs, mackerel and kipper breakfast. In  Nigeria, only the rich people like Nollywood stars, Judges, Magistrates, Lawyers, Members of the Senate; Houses of the parliament and bank workers, 419 people and the people in the  Military can enjoy such luxury. Who said all men are equal?  "Mba-nu!" All fingers are not equal!


1..4 Standard Class A eggs scrambled

2..2lbs mackerel

3..2 large kippers (cooked) To be grilled

4..4 fresh tomatoes to grilled for 5 mins.

5 ..mushroom to grilled for 5 minutes.

Once all these have been grilled, they are ready to be served hot. You can comfortably add toast, or ordinary slices of brown bread, baked beans and wash them down with fresh orange or pineapple juice and these will constitute a balanced diet of eggs, mackerel and kippers breakfast  Nigerian chicken mushroom soup!

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