Egusi Soup,Nigerian mouth-watering,finger-licking soup!


Many of my readers have been asking me to show them my type of Egusi soup recipe and ingredients. I have already featured cooked Egusi soup here in the this website.

The recipe and ingredients featured are the real one used in cooking that soup.You can bet on it that Nigerian Egusi soup is really mouth-watering and finger-licking! In fact, as a youngster, it was the first soup I learned how to cook it from a devoted and dedicated restaurant owner.I add everything except crayfish because I don't eat it and we hardly use it in our soups in my home.Cookery is a creative art and I always make sure that my Soup tastes better than that of any competitor!

To cook Egusi soup,the first thing is to plan in advance. By that I mean all the eatable stuff to be used have to be ready and assembled before the cooking starts. EGUSI SOUP,THE RECIPE AND INGREDIENTS

An average Egusi soup is meant to be eaten at least on four or five occasions. After the first use, it can be preserved to last for days. It can be preserved in the fridge for the first two days and can remain in the freezer for one month without going off! In my cooking, fresh pumpkin (ugu) leaves is one of the major ingredients. There are other types of vegetable leaves to choose from such as bitter leaves, spinach, water leaf etc. We don't use dry vegetables in cooking any type of soup in my home! Fresh spinach, fresh bitter leaves, as well as fluted pumpkin leaves are available in various markets in in London!

Brixton,Barking,Dalston, Shepard Bush markets are full of these fresh vegetable leaves. They are literally imported from Nigeria and they arrive by air every Wednesday in the week!

For a family of four or more,you need a big cooking pot for the cooking.You can cook some soups and finish them in one eating but definitely not Egusi soup especially when you realize that the ingredients alone will cost between £35-£40! Egusi soup can be eaten with Garri, Eba, pounded yam; semolina, ground rice, akpu and amala to mention a few.


1.2lbs of ground Egusi(Melon seeds

2.Large quantity of pumpkin (ugu) leaves

3.Several pieces of goat meat

4.Several pieces of goat liver

5.Several pieces of chicken cutlets

6.Several pieces of oxtail(meat)

7.Several pieces of stock fish

8.Several pieces of dry cat fish

9. Several chunks of fresh fishes

10.A handful of snails and shrimps/prawns

11.Mushroom, ground fresh pepper and tomatoes

12.2 large onions cut into pieces and fried

13.3 spoonful of vegetable oil or palm oil

14.Shredded crayfish

15.3 oxo cubes (beef)

It is time to cook. A large cooking pot with one litre of boiling water. Add all the meat and fishes to cook for 20 minutes before adding other ingredients.

Use hot or warm water to turn the ground egusi into a thick paste.Then lower the heat and gently pour the shredded vegetables and the egusi paste into the pot and stir vigorously to allow it blend with all the other ingredients in the pot. Add salt and pepper. Then continue to stir intermittently until the soup is thoroughly cooked. Allow to simmer! As soon as it is fully cooked, you will be greeted by the sweet smell and aroma oozing out from the pot.Congratulate yourself for it time for mouth-watering and finger-licking extravaganza!

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