Exotic sardines recipes are warm up nutritious mouthwatering dish!


To be sincere, I love to eat Sardines than Salmon. I know how expensive Salmons can be but Sardines are five times cheaper but more tasty than Salmon. This is my personal opinion.

Preparing and cooking sardines cuisines are very easy because they take few minutes to be ready for eating. It is equally time saving dish.


1.    2 large or 4 medium size sardines (scaled, washed and gutted).

2.    2 fresh tomatoes (sliced)

3.    1 onion (sliced)

4.    1 clove garlic (finely chopped)

5.    1. small orange or lemon (sliced)

6.    2 bay leaves ( 2 leaves is sufficient else it will affect the taste)

7.    Zest of  half a  lemon

8.    1 tbsp of fresh parsley (chopped)

9.    Salt and pepper to taste

10.    4 tsp of butter, or margarine (spread all over the sardines to improve taste).

Once you have got all the ingredients ready and handy, the preparation and cooking take between 30-35 minutes in all.

To start with, stuff the sardines with some of the slices of the orange, the slices of onion ( reserving the remainder for garnish).

Add 2 bay leaves and then make some cuts or slaches on the fishes to enable the onion,lemon, oranges salt and pepper to penitrate into the fishes.

Cook the sardines under preheated grill between 5-7 minutes each side.

Add topping, mix together the butter or margarine, garlic, lemon zest, salt and pepper parsley and gently spread all these over the hot sardines. You may add the sliced fresh tomatoes on the hot sardines or choose to eat them with the fresh tomatoes after cooking.

Before cooking, you must have thought of the food, vegetables to eat the sardines with. You can eat them with green salad, crusty bread, lettuce, carrot, runner beans and even with boiled rice. Congratulations! These are all it takes to cook an exotic sardines recipes.  Prawn vegetable stir fry!

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