Flavorful turkey bites is an ideal quick delicious buffet meal!


This meal is an ideal favourite buffet dish you don't cook every day except during Christmas.

The beauty of this meal is that it has lots and large concocted  and all inclusive ingredients second to none. If you are looking to add a little turkey to your buffet without all the fuss of cooking a full turkey then here is your wishes come true.

"In addition, if you are looking for something a little less spicy the hot sauce, chilli powder and cayenne pepper may be omitted"


1.  2lbs. of lean ground turkey

2.  1/2 C of dry bread  crumbs

3.  1/2 C of green pepper, chopped

4.  2 eggs whites

5.  2  garlic cloves crushed or minced

6.   8 drops of hot sauce

7.  1 T of canola oil  +1 C ketchup

8.  1/2 C of water  + 2  T brown sugar

9.  1/4 of lemon juice  + 2 T molasses

10.  1/4  C of red wine vinegar

11.  2 t dry mustard powder  + 1 t chili powder

12.  1/2 t cayenne pepper  + 1/2 t of pepper

To make this flavorful turkey bites we first, place the bread crumbs, green pepper, egg whites, garlic and hot sauce into a mixing bowl and whisk until every ingredient is well blended.

Now break the turkey into the mixture and mix well and shape the mixture into small meatballs.

Then, pour the canola oil into a skillet and place on a a medium heat.

As soon as the oil is hot, add the meat balls. Brown the meat balls for 8 minutes, turning frequently, until browned on all sides.

Drain the meatballs well and return to the skillet.

In a bowl whisk together the ketchup, water, lemon juice, vinegar and molasses.

Sprinkle the brown sugar, mustard and chili powders, and both peppers and whisk until well blended.

Now pour the sauce in with the meatballs.

Finally, bring the mixture to a boil thenreduce the heat to low and cover the skillet and simmer for 10 minutes or until heated through.

 That is al it takes to make or cook flavorful turkey bites. You can now congratulate yourself for your patience for going through all these.  Jamaican chicken salad!

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