Christmas Recipes - Golden Christmas punch is a super refreshing cool drink on a buffet table!

At any given gathering, be it a party or especially Christmas day, some people always prefer to enjoy themselves by drinking any cool refreshing drinks on the buffet table while they wait for the Christmas dinner.

On the other hand, those who enjoy drinking alcohol drinks seriously engage themselves in such habit. Christmas parties can never be complete with out people drinking punch which are harmless and not intoxicating.

In making punches, people always add their favourite fruits, juices and some alcoholic drinks such as wines, as well as rum and Whiskey.

The good thing about some non-alcoholic punch is that many of the juices contain essential vitamins that are good to our healths.

For example, in ths particular punch, fruit juices such as those of strawberries, blueberries, pineapple, cherries and apples are included.

This pretty and exotic tasty punch will be a perfect addition to any Christmas buffet table. Pineapple rings may also be added to the ring mold if you wish.

You have the freedom  to add any fruit or fruit juices of your choice to make the punch taste the way you and your family wish. This Golden Christmas punch is really golden and exotic. The punch can comfortably make 28 servings.


1.   1 liter of Strawberry juice ( use all contents)chilled

2.   1 liter of fresh blueberry juice ( use all contents)chilled

3.   1 bottle of fruit non-alcoholic wine ( use all contents)chilled

4.   4 maraschino cherries

5.   4 C of water, divided

6.   1 (12 oz) can of frozen lemonade concentrate, thawed

7.   1 (12 oz) can limeade concentrate, thawed

8.   1 (12oz) can of pineapple orange concentrate, thawed

9.   2 liters of ginger ale, chilled

10.   1 orange, sliced thin

11.   1 lemon sliced thin

12.   1 lime sliced thin

How to make this exotic punch is easy as long as you have all the ingredients ready and handy.

To begin, first, place the cherries, orange slices, lime slices lemon slices into a ring mold.

Now pour the water into the mold and freeze until solid. Then pour the remaining water into a punch bowl.

Follow up by stirring in the lemonade, limeade,and pineapple orange concentrates until well blended.

Now, pour the ginger ale, strawberry juice, blueberry juice and bottle of non-alcoholic wine into the punch.

Then unmold the fruit ice ring and place fruit side up into the punch. Stir  continuously until all the ingredients are finely and superbly blended into a cool refreshing Golden Christmas punch! Once on the Christmas buffet table, tell people of your wonderful and refreshing creation and they all will thank you for it!  Organic fruits and vegetables!

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