Hand washing saves lives but people take the act for granted!


It takes little efforts for us to wash our hands but many people take such act for granted. How little do we know that most of the illness, viruses we contract are most due to the fact that we don't perform that simple act of washing our hands.

Some years ago, I went to one of my friend's house. Had just returned from work and yelled that he was starving. His wife pointed at the table that his dinner had been set. He invited me to join him at the table but I told him that I was not hungry.

Without washing his hands first, he grabbed the fork and knife and started to eat ferociously. Then wife asked him if he had washed his hands before eating. "Why should I wash my hand..I'm eating the meal with fork and knife" he bellowed. "But that is not a good excuse for not washing your hands before eating" the wife responded.

She went on, Mike my husband, I'm a nurse and if I tell you the types of sicknesses people contract by not washing their hands, you would be astounded. Please my husband, she pleaded, always make sure you wash your hands as soon as you get home before you touch or eat anything because there are many germs around these days. I have made it a point that our children must perform that ritual as soon as they return from school.

Here are reasons to persuade you to wash your hands regularly:

You know it takes only a few seconds to wash your hands with soap and water but some people feel reluctant to perform such life saving rituals!

The World Health Organization believes that hand washing could save many lives than any vaccine or medical interventions. It is so important because it interrupts the transmission of diseases by getting rid of airborne pathogens like bacteria and viruses.

Hand washing saves lives because as much as 50% of all food-borne illness outbreaks can be prevented by simple hand washing. You can equally keep your family safer and healthy by making sure that all members of the household must wash their hands when going out and when coming into the house.

Hand washing is of great necessity because as much as 200-300 different viruses cause the common cold through hand-to-hand contacts. The children in particular need to be told the importance of washing hands very often because they always more vulnerable to picking up viruses and passing them to others than the adults.

Many children as well as adults have contracted common cold through touching the rails or seats in a buses or trains. As they say, every sneeze can spread thousands of bacteria-filled droplets!

Be careful how you wash your hands. Some people even need to be taught how to wash hands thoroughly. You must make sure that you use soap and water always because hand washing saves lives! Healthy eating diet advice!

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