Health benefits eating salad are numerous and are the best healthy  habits!

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Like it was said in the Good Book -the Bible, that John the Baptist preached to to the people to repent, I have now assumed  to be the Apostle of SALAD EATING!

My Beloved Nigerians and all the Peoples of the world, I preach to you today, to turn your ways from eating Junk foods  and embrace eating GOOD FOODS AND THAT INCLUDE SALAD!  We are what we eat! THEREFORE,  EAT WELL, EAT SALAD AND BE FIT AND LIVE LONGER FOR IN SALAD OUR HEALTH SALVATION CAN BE FOUND!

I still remember the story my late mother told me about eating leaves and grasses during the Nigeria and Biafran war in Nigerian. She told me that they survived by eating grasses and leaves!

That makes me to remember the pretty skins and healthiness of our goats in the the villages who were reared and ate only leaves and grasses. They too show the goodness in eating grasses and leaves.

And in what food stuff can you find grasses and leaves, it is in Salad! Now I want you not only to listen but to follow me seriously and see why I advocate and preach that you should eat salad every day or at least 5 times a week.

I'm going to reveal the secrets and mysteries of fitness and long life imbedded in healthy eating salad meals!

The most exciting aspects of this mysterious concoctions like that of a herbalist's healing herbs are the facts, that they are too easy  and simple to make and yet, our good health, fitness and long life are meticulously hidden in salad meals.

Salad meals, have no formula as such. By that, I mean, that there are 1001 ways and ingredients you can use in making healthy salad  meal or meals!


To begin with, there are many people in Nigeria as well as many other parts of the world who don't know that the food we eat gives us Energy.

Food Energy is the energy that Animals including human beings derive from their food, through the process of cellular respiration, which literally, means the process of joining oxygen with the molecules of food.

"Animals need a minimum intake of food energy in order to sustain their metabolism and drive their muscles" And for Humans, Foood energy typically and essentially comes from joining oxygen with carbohydrates, fats, protein, organic acids; polyols and ethanol present in the diet.

Energy gives us the ability to cope, to work, move around, dance; keep warm and be active to mention a few of the  functions.

You know, every animal as well as human beings need some certain amount of energy just to stay alive and to keep everything in the body  working--the heart beating, the digestive systems working and the brain sending messages to the body.

However, the amount of energy different people receive varies from day to day, as well as the age, and gender.


Eating raw fruits and vegetables, I mean those crunchy cucumbers, crunchy radishes, crunchy fresh carrots, fresh tomatoes, cherry tomatoes; iceberg and Romaine lettuce, crunchy sweet bell peppers and grapes are bound to keep you not only happy, but excited and healthy!

The most important aspects of eating salads are the facts that they are not only easy to prepare but very easy to eat and yet still, they have so much good and healthy works to do in our lives.

Eating salad makes you look healthier, fit and can as well enable you to live longer!

Salad does not necessary have to be lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers. As I have already said, there are 1001 ingredients and their combinations to make a healthy eating salad from.

Talking about the food values you can derive from  eating some of the ingredients in a given salad dish  such as PARSLEY:  Parsley is super loaded with the most essential and vital Vitamins and nutrients such as Vitamins K, vitamins C, and A, as well as iron and folate.

All these vitamins and nutrients boost the nutritional values of a salad meal. Can you imagine the nutritional values of other ingredients such as, chicken,  eggs; radishes, avocado pears, beet roots, celery; spinach, broccoli, carrots, lettuce, corn, peas, ham, beans to mention a few.

In addition, there are also many kinds of salad dressing combinations that can spice up a salad.

According to the study, conducted by the UCLA School of Public Health and Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center, supported by The Association for Dressing & Sauces, "revealed that those who eat salads and raw vegetables with salad dressing have considerably higher levels of vitamins C, E, B6, and folic acid-key nutrients in promoting a healthy immune system and reducing the risk of obesity, heart disease and other chronic illnesses"

"Eating a salad a day is a convenient way to easily improve your nutritional status" said Professor Dr Lenore Arab, professor of epidemiology at UCLA School of Public Health and lead researcher of the study, titled "Salad and Raw Vegetable Consumption and Nutritional  Status in the Adult US Population" He added, "Just one salad a day, helps to satisfy the 2005 Dietary Guidelines for Americans."

There are many reasons why you should develop the habit of eating salad meals at least 5 times a week:

Salads help to ward off certain types of diseases.The raw fruits and vegetables that make up a salad contain antioxidants and many essential vitamins. All you have to do is to add a handful of blueberries, walnuts, parsley; dates, pistachios, pumpkin seeds to your salad to boost up the health factor and you will be fit and live longer!

Eating salad helps you to increase the number of vegetable portions you need every day and it is always fast to make as well.

Eating salads are great because they lower your calorie intake and this can help you to have good skin and shape especially if you want to loose weight. Adding fruits and good fats such as avocado pears, olive oil, olives seeds, and  nuts enables the body to absorb lycopene (in tomatoes as well as in watermelon), lutein (in dark green vegetables), and iron  (in spinach) and other nutrients.

Eating healthy foods such as salads aid in helping the body to feel energetic and filled with vitality. Salads add fibre to the diet which reduces cholesterol and constipation. High fibre salads eaten before the main meal help you consume less of the higher calorie meals.

You can never go wrong by eating a plate of salad every day. You must remember that your health, fitness and long life is paramount here. You have the choice of fruits, vegetables or even meat, eggs to use in making your salad. But you must also bear in mind that salads are high in vitamins and minerals such as: Vitamin A, C, which fights infections, cancer, heart diseases, have loads of  cell-building ingredients and are fantastic weight-loss and weight-maintenance tools.

Salad consumption boost iron absorption, maintain healthy bones, gums and skin. Vitamin K (strong bones, heal wounds, assists blood to clot), calcium (build strong teeth and bones, assists blood to clot, nerves to carry messages, muscles contract), alpha- and beta-carotene Antioxidant that help protect against cancer and stubborn heart diseases including iron to maintain healthy blood and numerous other vitamins and minerals.

Salads are the best diets or meals to eat if you are suffering from overweight or obesity. Salad dishes are filling because vegetables contain a lot of water, but also because salads tend to be high in fibre which makes you feel full. Some of the particularly high fibre salad ingredients include beans, peas, artichoke, broccoli and apples.

From this article, I positively believe that you will now eat salad diets at least 5 times a week and I honestly believe that you will eventually scoop and enjoy the health benefits of eating salads!  Organic fruits and vegetables!

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