The health benefits of prunes are really too many to enumerate. It sounds incredible but these dried plums (prunes) are not only super but essential in healing processes. Prunes are known to contain super antioxidants nutritional and health benefits. They are also contain potassium and iron which are crucial to bone health especially among women after menopause.Prunes contain magnesium which improve mental health.


There are some scientific evidence that support the facts that individuals suffering from depression may be as a result of magnesium deficiency. Health benefits of prunes include the improvement of immune system, and much more than these, it is a poweful laxative and eating prunes by aging adults, especially women in their post-menopausal are sure to experience significant improvement in aging deteriorated related conditions.


It is still sounds unbelievable that these wonderful dried plums(prunes)can give us hearings as well as improve some of our disorders that might look impossible to cure at first sight. In fact, they provide in large measures,valuable nutritional and health benefits for individuals of all all ages but especially for aging adults and women in particular especially those suffering from diagnosis of Osteoporosis!

Health benefits of prunes involve working to improve diseases such as bone density loss which is defined and also known as osteoporosis. Eating prunes can equally improve the risk of fractures associated with osteoporosis.


Prunes are super packed with essential  nutrients such as antioxidants,potassium,copper and iron.  All these are needed in our lives to maintain healthy muscles, skin, hair and nails to mention a few. Prunes have a low GI index and that helps to release energy steadily over a longer period and also help to keep our hunger at bay.

Several health researches have found that prunes health benefits are real and reliable.Naturally, they are free of fat but high in fibre.Prunes contain high unique phytonutrients which are called "neochlorogenic and chlorogenic acid" These substances found in prunes and plums  are classified as phenols, and their function as antioxidants have been well documented."These damage-preventing substances are particularly effective in neutralizing a particularly dangerous oxygen radical called superoxide anion radical" They also help to prevent oxygen-based damage to fats"  In addition, prunes, soluble fibres help lower cholesterol by binding to bile acids and removing them from the body  through feces.

Prunes soluble fibre are also known to normalize blood sugar levels by slowing the rate at which food leaves the stomach. Soluble fibre are also known to increase insulin's sensitivity and can therefore play very helpful role in preventing and treatment of type 2 diabetes and heart diseases.

It is believed that the propionic acid from prunes' insoluble fibre is partly responsible for the cholesterol lowering properties of fibre.The soluble fibre is generally assumed to reduce the amount of cholesterol manufactured by the liver. The health benefits of prunes is vital in our lives and they have recently been confirmed by 'The European Food Safety Authority' as being beneficial for the digestive system, confirming what we have generally known for a long time! Nutritional values of prunes

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