Healthy sleep restores and rejuvinates the immune system!



Frankly speaking, I though that writing about sleep is easy until I started researching for it.

God in his infinite wisdom and mercy gave us sleep and it becomes one of the most valuable gifts he gave to mankind (both human and animals!) In fact, any living thing sleeps! There is a theory that states that God orders his Angels to do some repair and restoration works on every individual human being or animal during sleep.

There are so much mysteries surrounding sleep! Sleep is so wonderful and really so mysterious. Think about it, when you are enjoying healthy sleep, you seem to get lost in such a way that you wouldn't even know what is happening around you!

The deeper you go into the sleep, the more you seem to enjoy it. Then, what about snoring and dreams that go with healthy sleep? Think about it! You just lie there on your bed , mat, sofa or wherever and you still enjoy the sleep! Wonders shall never end! Who said there is no God? Sleep is equally as important to our lives as the air we breathe in. And do you know, God gave these precious gifts to us free!

Then imagine a situation where you can't even have a wink let alone have a sleep.. such a situation is like a hell in this world! Imagine suffering from what is called insomnia a situation where you are incapable of dozing let alone sleeping for one, two, or three nights consecutively!

"Sleep no more for Macbeth has murdered sleep!" How would you feel if someone wakes you up in the middle of the night with such pronouncement and that instantly stops you from sleeping. The worst aspect of sleeplessness is the fact that you have to listen to all sorts of sounds and activities all night including some dreadful and fearful noises made by animals like foxes, birds and gun shots and other harrowing noises you couldn't ordinarily withstand. SLEEP DEFINED:

Sleep according to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia is defined as "A naturally recurring state characterized by reduced or absent consciousness, relatively suspended sensory activity, and inactivity of nearly all voluntary muscles.It is distinguished from quiet wakefulness by a decreased ability to react to stimuli, and is more easily reversible than being in a hibernation or coma" You can read more from the encyclopedia.

Sleep has numerous advantages. And to make it rosy and grandeur, God added dreams especially dreams of adventures, money, love; sex and romance! I had on many occasions, found myself kissing and fondling my favourite actress and when I wake up, 'Oo-la-la she has disappeared into the thin air!

I'm sure you have had such or similar dreams. What about scooping the jackpot on the roulette or lottery. I had dreamt of that on numerous occasions especially when I'm hopelessly and totally broke!

Some of the advantages of sleep are the facts that it helps us not only to conserve our energies, but it equally restores and rejuvenate our immune system, nervous, and skeletal and muscular systems. These effects are also observed in all animals including birds, reptiles, amphibians and fishes.

Lack of sleep is dangerous for any human being. Unless one is sick, or suffering from that type of sickness that inhibit him from sleeping, we must always do our best to sleep. At least, allow the God's Angels to repair and restore us to the status quo every night or every hour we sleep or feel like sleeping.

Researchers at the University of Warwick and University college London have found, I quote, "that lack of sleep can more than double the risk of death from cardiovascular disease, but then too much sleep can also be associated with a doubling of the risk of death, though not primarily from cardiovascular disease". It sounds scary! In such case, it is better to sleep in moderation!


children normally, need more sleep per day in order to develop and function properly. At least, on the average, a child especially new born babies are required to sleep up to 18 hours a day. This requirement decreases as the child grows older.


Newborn should sleep up to 18 hours a day

As he grows, the hours changes or decreases for example,

1-12 months....14-18 hours

1-3 years....12-15 hours

3-5 years....11-13 hours

5-12 years...9-11 hours

Adolescents...9-10 hours

Adults, including elderly people...7-8 hours

Pregnant women.....8 hours plus!

Healthy sleeping can be achieved by making sure that we sleep for a good number of hours at least so as not only to forget our various human worries but to gain the utmost benefits healthy sleep can provide!

Guidelines to healthy eating

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