Healthy love --My Colossus of the Niger!


By now you should know,

My dearest Timothy

That my heart had been longing 'nd yearning

For your love,embrace,romance 'nd kisses!

For years,I've loathed every male.

Especially the boys who buzz around me like bees

They say how beautiful I'm,

And how reserved, lonely 'nd miserable I've been!

How little 'nd ignorant they are!

For not knowing 'nd seeing

That I was waiting for someone special,

Who's caused me sleepless nights over the years!

He's my prince,my praise,angel 'nd my hero!

His name is Timothy,a name above all names!

How I thought our friendship was made in Heaven

And so our, meeting,romance 'nd love!

My innocent heart rejoices!

I'm out of this world thinking of you

Every morning,day 'nd night!

Please hold me tight 'nd feel my breasts,my breathe!

At last you've come my noble Colossus of the Niger,

You've come in your

Dazzling,glittering,blazing; luminous armour!

This's real,I dream no more!

For you're my sun,my life, my everything!

Shine,sun, shine in my heart!

At 20 years, I'm still a fair lady,

Never touched,ruffled or stained by mortal hands!

Let the gods be my witness!

For what I have for you,

Many a man would kill 'nd die for!

But for you my Colossus of the Niger,

Everything's ready,sealed 'nd packaged for your delight!

I'm ready 'nd so is my body!

Take me to unknown depths of pleasures anon!

Kill me with your love 'nd kisses!

Oh, my Colossus of the Niger!

I'm intoxicated with your love.

Can anyone blame me?

I've never felt like this before!

Is this what they call love?

Am I dreaming or suffering from malaria fever?

Hold me, kiss me, kiss my breasts!

Love, love, it must be a little madness!

You're mine,my love, my heart,my life!

Spare me no more delays for I'm ready!

I can sing,dance 'nd tell love stories

Can you see, but you've got to look!

I'm ready,'nd so is my body!

Lead me wherever you can,

For, I'm free, 'nd no longer afraid!

For the time is ripe 'nd long overdue!

A kiss, a hug,an embrace 're not enough!

I pray thee, sweep me off my feet, my Colossus of the Niger!

When within your arms, I feel love 'nd security!

Everything I 've are all yours,

Because I'm deeply in love with you!

You 'll never know how a lady in love feels!

Punish me no more!

By divine order I'm all yours

And I'll remain yours for ever!

Nollywood stars

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