Mint pork with cabbage is an ideal healthy eating juicy meal!


This mint pork with cabbage meal is definitely not only juicy and mouthwatering but equally healthy eating meal because it contains loads of vegetables including cabbages.

You have your favourite choice of ingredients. You can replace any one you and your family may not like and substitute  it or them with your ideal ones. For example, Jalapeno peppers will give your dish a spicy flare.

You can substitute Serrano, Anaheim or any other type of pepper that you prefer.

The preparation time is about 20 minutes while the baking time is approximately 45 minutes. However, it will be safe to predict that the entire cooking and baking would be ready for serving and eating within one hour. The calories are approximately 500-550.


1.   2lbs. ground pork

2.   1/2 head of cabbage, chopped

3.   1 C of snow peas

4.   1 C of fresh mint  + 1 bell pepper cored, seeded and diced

5.   4 scallions, chopped

6.   2 t jalapeno pepper, minced

7.   3 t of light brown sugar

8.   2 T of rice vinegar + 2 T of soy sauce

9.   2 T of lemon juice  + 1/2 of lime juice

10.   2 C of jasmine rice

11.   2 C of vegetable broth

12.   1 T of grated lime zest + 1 T of grated lemon zest

The cooking of Mint pork  with cabbage recipes will be easy as long as the ingredients are ready and handy.

To start cooking, first, allow the oven to preheat to 450 degrees. Then, spray a cast iron Dutch oven with a non stick cooking spray and dump the rice into the pan and cover with the vegetable broth.

Now spread the rice into an even layer, cover the bottom of the pan.

Place both types of zest, the lime and lemon juice, soy sauce, vinegar and brown sugar into a mixing bowl and whisk to blend the ingredients together well, making sure the sugar has completely dissolved.

Then fold in the jalapeno pepper, scallions, bell pepper and mint.

Now crumble the ground pork into the mixture and mix until blended together well.

Drop the meat mixture into the pan by forkfuls, without packing them together too tightly.

Finally, layer in the cabbage and top the cabbage with the snow peas and cover and bake for 45 minutes or until the meat is done and the cabbage is soft and tender.

These are all the steps to cooking Mint pork with cabbage recipes.  Healthy eating exercises!

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