Nigerian lamb casserole is an ideal healthy eating  for lunch or dinner!

NIGERIAN LAMB CASSEROLE:   There are two types of meat I enjoy eating whenever I 'm in Nigeria. The two are local grown goat meat and lamb steaks. They can be better when eaten with their skins on. For me eating them is like a paradise on earth especially roasted with all the fats intact.

The local grown goats and lambs in the Southern part of Nigeria are great, soft, tender, juicy; tasteful and succulent  to eat compared with the Mountain goats and lambs from the Northern part of Nigeria which are tasteless and dry.

I don't know why some people in the Southern part take delight in buying these goats and lambs from the North which are so expensive and tasteless.

They are not  good values for the amount of money spent on them. When I had discussion with one of my friends regarding this issue, Emeka bluntly said that some Southerners especially the Igbos who prefer "Ewu Awusa"  'Hausa Goats' are people who suffer from some kind of inferiority complex!

Emeka went on, "How can anybody pay such exorbitant amount of money like N40,000-N50,000 for tasteless Mountain goats called 'Dankassa' and refuse to buy cheap home grown tasteful , juicy goats called 'Uwa-onye!' The Igbos' are fond of belittling themselves and enriching others!.

It is a shame, every festivals and ceremonies including funeral and naming ceremonies, Igbo man will struggle to buy 'Ewu Awusa' which is very expensive for the event rather than patronise the cheap home grown goats and lambs which on the average cost between N10,000-N15,000! The Igbos will never learn!


For a family of 4 people.

1..4lbs of  (bone or with bones) lamb steak

2..1 lb of sweet potatoes or parsnip

3..2lbs of fresh carrot (10 large sticks)

4..1lb of fresh tomatoes

5..2 bunches of spring onion + one large onion

6..1lb of mushrooms

7..1 bunch of spinach

8..3 SPF of vegetable or olive oil, salt and pepper+ other seasonings and spices including thyme, mixed spices and oxo,nor or maggi cubes+ " spf of Butter or Margarine.

COOKING TIME CAN BE ABOUT  2 HOURS , FIFTEEN MINUTES WITH 10 MINUTES TO SIMMER.     First get the lamb steak thoroughly washed and cut into various pieces and put them in the casserole bowl. As you do that, you must get the oven preheated.

Your second action is to peel the sweet potatoes or parsnips wash them and cut them into any small shapes you prefer and put them on top of the steak in the casserole bowl.

Then follow up with chopped onions, spring onions, bunch of washed spinach, fresh tomatoes and cut up carrots. You can then add the chopped or sliced mushrooms, add 2 spoonful of vegetable oil and butter as well as add salt and pepper all on top of the steak and finally cover the casserole bowl and gently put it into the pre-heated oven and allow to cook for at least 2 hours.

Depending on the brand of cooker you are using,if Cannon cooker, regulate to 3 and to simmer, push the regulator dials to 5 0r 6!

You will definitely know when the steak and all other ingredients are fully cooked, soft and tender and ready to eat. You can serve hot. The choice is all yours.

You can add fresh slices of watermelon, pineapples, paw paw and avocado pears as snacks. That is all it is about Nigerian lamb casserole. Happy eating!   Nigerian foods customs!

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