Nigerian spicy chicken recipes are delicious and finger-licking!

Nigerian spicy chicken recipes:   Nigerian spicy chicken recipes give full details of how to prepare, cook, dress, present and eat our chicken and enjoy the best nutrients from such lean poultry meat.

Apart from chicken, other poultry meat like Turkey, Guinea fowl, ducks,can be cooked, fried, and eaten with several spices, herbs and suya powder to mention a few.

Average Nigerian enjoy eating chicken with bones unlike here in UK where many people enjoy eating boneless chickens. The reasons why Nigerians enjoy eating their chickens with the bones are clear. An Average Nigeian even in his 60's and 70's are still blessed with their natural set of teeth standing unshakable and firm at such ages. Unlike in most countries of the world who most of its people loose nearly all their teeth before they are in their mid 40's!

The difference can be found in the nature of their lifestyle and how sugary the food they eat are! All European countries including West Indian nations, most of their people loose their teeth beore the ages of 30 and 45 as a result of habitual eating of sugary diets and eating sugar canes.

Deciding whether to eat a full spicy chicken with bones or half spicy chicken or just the boneless,  skin-less  chicken:  The choice is all yours! Some people may not even know the best way to spice a chicken whether for dinner or lunch but here is an opportunity for them to learn and be their own masters in this field.

Like in United Kingdom here, we have mainly two types of chicken the Boiler and the Roaster. The boiler is hard and many Europeans don't like or even eat them because they are hard and their bones hard too. They prefer the Roaster which is soft and tender when boiled, cooked or roasted.

In Nigeria too, we have Foreign   and the local indigenous chickens.The foreign chickens are locally called 'Agiriculture chichen' or 'Okuko agirk' in Igbo land. The difference is also clear! The Agriculture chichens are reared by commercial people, farmers, instititions, Universities and many  agricultural colleges. They are heavy, meaty and expensive for for the average Nigerian.

In fact, majority of Nigerians prefere tghe cheap local grown chicks because not only that they are cheap, the have tastes compared with the 'Oyibo chicks'

Which ever type of chicken you prefer, the spicing is the same.The next thing to do is to determine how many people are going to enjoy the chicken as well as decide whether for lunch or for dinner andc what type of diets,and healthy eating vegetables to go with it.

Preparation, Recipes, Ingredients:     In Nigeria, life chicks are in great abundance!    The first thing to do is to have life chicken, slaughter it by yourself or by your maids, relatives and friends if you can't do it yourself. Once the big fatty chicks is slaughtered,you can use hot water to remove the feathers, have it thoroughly washed for a few minutes.

Then, cut off the head and trim the legs. Dress the chicken the way you want and put it in a clean frying or roasting pan after stuffing and spicing it with various local herbs and spices. I find that s

Ingredients:  1. One whole chicken Foreign or local, cleaned, washed and dressed.   2. Spices-lemon juice, suya powder,a bunch of spring onions chopped,thyme, rosemary,one Maggi or oxo cubes, salt and pepper and any other local herbs available.  Stuff, rob, and sprinkle all these on the chicken and add  two table spoons of vegetable oil and finally wrap the chicken with aluminium foil and put into the cooker to roast for at least for 1hr.

To start roasting, it depend on the type, make and brand cooker you are using. Cannon cookers are sold all over Nigeria these days. In that case, start with low heat 2-3 to cook the meat and then to brown graduate to 5 0r 6 in the setting.

Finally check with a thermometer if the chick is fully cooked and tender. Allow to simmer for 15-20 minutes.

Pepper sauce to eat spicy chicken:

1. Fresh sweet smeling large quantities of green and red peppers

2. 4 fresh ripped tomatoes

3. 5 spoons of boiled hot vegetable oil and salt.

4. Add a few squashed (Utasi) leaves

For the sauce, grind all the four items together and pour into a dish plate or bowl. These will be mouth-watering and finger-licking enough to eat the Nigerian spicy chicken.

You can serve the Nigerian spicy chicken with sliced avocado pears, watermelon and Queens' pineapples with a bowl of boiled fluted pumpkin leaves. Organic fruits and vegetables!

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