Ogbono soup recipes is a delicious and nutritious soup in Nigeria!

OGBONO SOUP RECIPES  IS FAMOUSLY KNOWN BY THE IGBOS AS "OFE OGBONO!"  Say it loud, Ogbono soup is definitely one of the most delicious, nutritious, mouth-watering and finger-licking soups in Nigeria. It is as famous as other sister soups such as Egusi, Okra, Ewedu,Efo riro; Ofe-nsala, Ofe-owerri and Edika-ekong to mention a few.

Like all these soup recipes mentioned, they all go well with pounded yam, amala, akpu, garri. eba; tuwo etc.

However, ogbono soup recipes is different in texture and nearly resemble  okra soup because both are slimy unlike egusi, ofe-owerri or any other Nigerian soup recipes.

Ogbono tree, fruit and seed:  The name ogbono  refers to the seed  or kernnel  found in the fruit! The tree that bears the ogbono seeds resembles mango trees. The tree is called "Ugiri" and the fruit is equally called ugiri in Igbo land. The Igbos are famous for growing the trees and it is one of the most essential economic trees.

The ugiri tree bears fruits like mangoes and are always dark green in colour and then changes colour when it is riped like mangoes. Ugiri fruits are seasonal like mangoes too.

The fruits are eaten when they are riped and they taste a little like mangoes too.  The difference  compared with  mangoes is the fact that the owners of the ugiri tree or trees do not pluck them unlike the mangoes. Nigerian food recipes!

The owners wait until they are well riped and begin to fall on the ground. Those that can be eaten are normally  gathered, washed and eaten. The pods or shells encasing the ogbono seed are  gathered and put under the sun to dry. An average ugiri tree can bear as much as 200-300 fruits.

As soon as the fruits are dried, the shells are cracked like palm kernnels and the ogbono seeds are removed. After removing the ogbono seeds from the shell,  they have to be dried in the sun and then ready to be sold and used for  making soups. Both fruits and seeds are sold and the fruit is delicious but a little sour compared with mangoes.

I was surprised to meet people who have neither seen Ugiri trees or the fruits.

Now that you have known about the tree, fruit and seeds let move to the recipe for cooking ogbono soup.


PREPARATION:  In cooking ogbono soup recipes, you have to decide what kinds of ingredients, the number of people that will eat the soup as well as the number of servings.

Once you have decided on these,I must remind you of one of Nigerians' wise saying whch says, I quote, "Good soup na moni makam!" This literally means that if you really want to cook a luxurious ogbono soup, you have to add so many ingredients and condiments and many can be very expensive!

In Nigeria today, it is almost impossible to cook a luxurious delicious and nutritious ogbono soup to be eaten by 4 people with N10,000-N20000! You have to budget at least N30,000-N50,000! Dried stock fish alone will cost as much as N7,000 unless you want to buy the heads only which may cost about N3000!

Even in England here, the fluted pumpkin leaves (Ugu) about 4 bunches at £1.50 each is £6.00! "Congo meat" otherwise known by Nigerians as large snails cost about £5 a pair and for Ogbono soup for 4 people, you need to buy at least 3 pairs!

Ogbono soup is one of Nigerian favourite soups and the ingredients are set thus.

(1)..2lbs of goat meat  (2.)..2lbs of chicken pieces (3)... 3lbs of assorted meat including tripes, pormo,bush meat, oxtail. (4)...Stock fish(okporoko)  (5)..A large smoked cat fish,and fresh fish  (6)..Large ground crayfish  (7).. Large quantity of fluted pumpkin leaves (ugu) and spinach.  (8)  Prawns, Ground or fresh pepper and tomatoes  (9)..Large onion chopped raw or fried. (10) Large quantity of ground ogbono seeds and seasonings such as fermented melon (ogiri), maggi or oxo cubes, salt and pepper and 2 spoonfuls of vegetable or palm oil.

To add the ground ogbono seed, you have to put it in a bowl and add hot water and mix the stuff gently until it becomes thick and slimy then pour into the cooking pot and mix with all the ingredients.You must be careful.Before you pour the mixture into the boiling hot water in the cooking pot,lower the burners or flames and continue to stir continiously for a few minutes. If the flame is too much, you will find it difficult to make a good ogbono soup.

All the meat, fishes are to be pre-cooked in advance. Cook stock fish with pressure cooker else you will need at least 2 hours of cooking to make it soft and tender.

Cooking is easy! After soaking and washing of meat and fishes,put them in a pot of boiling water and boil. Once these meat are boiled, put all the ingredients and condiments into the cooking pot.

Add the vegetables, salt, pepper, all the seasonings and stir intermittently for 40-45 minutes and allow to simmer for 10-15 minutes and you will be greeted by the sweet aroma from the cooking pot to tell you that you have cooked a delicious, nutritious mouth-watering and finger-licking ogbono soup! 

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