Oriental dishes in Nigeria introduces exquisite taste of noodles and chicken!


The first time I saw people eating noodles in a Liverpool Chinese restaurant, I stupidly,sheepishly and constantly moped at the couples eating the noodles. Nobody else knew why I was watching and moping at them tucking in the long brownish stuff.

I was ashamed to say what I thought the stuff was. Forgive my ignorance and rudeness because I thought the noodles were tape worms.

On subsequent visit to the restaurant, I asked one of the waiters to explain to me what those slimy long things were. The fact that the Chinese waiter could not speak even one word of English language made things worse and I left the restaurant worse than I came.

It took many months before  a fellow student explained to me what the food was and how they are made, cooked and eaten. Ignorance is probably a kind of mild disease!

As I moved back to Birmingham and London, my friends and I became regular customers to many Chinese restaurants and literally became addicted to eating chicken, rice and noodles. Oriental cuisines are as healthy eating as our own diets I must be frank.


1.. 4  packets of dried plain cooked noodles

2..2lbs of skinless and boneless chicken cut into several pieces

3..2lbs of spring onions (chopped ) + 1 large onion  (chopped)

4..1 can of cooked carrots or (6 sticks of fresh carrots chopped to sizes).

5..2 lbs of bean sprouts and coriander

6..2 Fresh red and green  sweet peppers

7..2lb of runner beans (cooked or uncooked)

8..1/2 of garlic cloves, ginger, lime juice, vinegar; Soy sauce

9..3 spoonful of olive oil, red chilli or chilli power

As soon as the above are assembled, and cooked, place a large non-stick frying pan on the stove and lower the flameS.

Then add 3 spoonful of olive oil on the pan and allow to heat for 2 minutes. Follow up by pouring the cooked noodles and pieces of chicken, runner beans, bean sprouts, carrots. Add chopped spring and large onions and sweet green and red peppers into the frying pan and mix all intermittently for 2 minutes.

Then pour soy sauce, lime juice, vinegar and continue to stir for another 3-4 minutes. Finally add salt, chilli pepper and mixed herbs. All the liquids must be applied sparingly. You are welcome to the Oriental dishes in Nigeria because they are not only cheap  and easy to prepare but will give you a new edge to  alternative healthy eating.

Don't over do else you spoil the taste. Keep on stirring for another few minutes and it is all done. Now go to work on your oriental creation and a superb taste of the Orient! Serve hot!  Healthy eating ideas!

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