Peach chicken recipes is a very tasteful and delicious meal!


Naturally, peaches are one of the healthy eating fruits and their juices can prevent many types of cancers.Chicken, as you know is one of the best of all the poultry meat. They are low in calories too.


1..4 lbs skinless and boneless breast chicken

2..2 ounces of peaches preserves

3..2 tbsp of orange  juice concentrate

4..1 grated ginger root

5..1 tbsp of ground cinnamon

6..1 tbsp of ground nutmeg

7..salt and pepper to taste

8..2 sweet peppers + a few selected seasonings + mixed herbs

To start with, mix all the ingredients except chicken in shallow dish or heavy-duty resalable plastic bags.

Add chicken,turning to coat with marinade. Then cove the dish or seal and refrigerate2-3 hours, turning chicken occasionally.

Then follow up with the heating of the gas grill and remove the chicken from marinade reserve marinade. Place chicken on grill, brush with half of the marinade. Cover and grill, 5-6 inches  from medium heat 15-20 minutes, turning once and brushing with remaining marinade, until the juice of the chicken is no longer pink. This will show at first glance that the chicken  is then well cooked and have a brown colour when cut or sliced.

Remember the choice is always yours when it comes to the type of foods and vegetables you are going to eat the peach chicken recipes with. You can choose from carbohydrate foods such as rice, plantains, parsnips, roast potatoes and vegetables like spinach, broccoli, runner beans, carrots and mushrooms etc.

If desired, heat the remaining marinade to boiling. Boil for 1 minute and serve hot or cold with chicken and any choice of vegetables.

NUTRITION:   Calories  370, Fat  4g, Saturated fat 1g; Sodium240 mg.

Well, folks, that is all about preparing and cooking of perch chicken recipes.  Healthy eating and obesity!

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