EATING POMEGRANATE FRUITS REDUCES OBESITY:  Eating pomegranates fruits can do a lot of good to our health and to our bodies.There are lots of benefits to gain especially the usual lowering of blood pressure, combating heart diseases and the supply of super antioxidants.

Antioxidants are a group of vitamins, minerals,and enzymes that help enhance our health. They help to neutralize free radicals which can harm our bodies and hence prevent lot of degenerative diseases.

It is equally wonderful to note that this great fruit too has curently been found to help in reducing overweight or obesity. I will now quote a recent article written by London Metro Newspaper reporter Mr Tariq Tahir regarding the latest findings that pomegranates extract can reduce obesity.The article went thus:  "SWEET!  EATING POMEGRANATES HELPS YOU DIET"   "If that new year resolution to slim down is looking like a distant memory, don't give up just yet"

The article went on, "Instead, you could simply try tucking into some pomegranates. The fruity super food has already been credited with several health benefits but now it has another-it could work as a diet aid"

" Regularly consuming an extract consisting of the skin, pith and seeds of the sweet treat can reduce hunger pangs while increasing the feeling of being full.

Volunteers who took an extract called PurePlus for three weeks were presented with a pasta meal by researchers at Edinburgh's Queen Margret University. They ate 22 per cent less than a control group in the study and reported having less of an appetite, feeling fuller and rating their food as tastier.

The researchers plan a further study to investigate the 'satiety' effect.The strongly belive that pomegranate extract contain polyphenols   that are thought to act as an appetite suppressant"

In conclusion, the study leader Dr Emad al-Dujaili,said:  "These results indicate that pomegranate extract consumption may have the potential to assist in the challenge of reducing risk factors for overweight and obesity" Now you have got the latest vital information regarding reducing your overweight by eating pomegranate and its extracts. What are you waiting for...give it a try!  Pomegranate juice!

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