Prostate cancer updates explain new hopes to prostate cancer sufferers!

Prostate cancer updates:  The object of this article is to generally educate and alert people regarding various recent findings not only to prevent prostate cancer but explain new ways and chances of improving survival rate of sufferers!


"Scientists from Edinburgh University have identified a gene that they claim could lead to improved diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer. The experts claim the presence of the gene is reduced in prostate tumours compared with non-tumourous prostate cells"

"EAT  FISH TO BEAT PROSTATE DISEASE : Here is a caption from the Health Magazine and I felt I should let my readers read it too to help them to prevent prostate cancer as well as understand more discoveries regarding  the improvement of survival chances by the sufferers.

We all know that prostate cancer kill so many millions of people from all over the world every year. Many of these people diagnosed of this deadly disease should not die. Prostate cancer as much as other cancers can be prevented.

Many people including the sufferers die or are killed by this disease because of ignorance. Early dictation of cancer will help the sufferer to survive and live a highly quality life! At the end of this article, you can click the link "prostate cancer treatment" to read more about treatment and survival.

Scientific studies and researches are seriously undertaken not only to prevent this disease but to help the sufferers to live long!

According to the experts writing in the American Journal of Epidemiology,I quote, "eating a diet rich in oily fishes could improve your chances of survival significantly, should you be diagnosed with the disease"

The article went on, "The study, carried out at the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston, USA, found that prostate cancer sufferers who ate the most Omega-3 fish oils on a regular basis were up to 40% less likely to die from the disease than those who ate the least"

On the other hand, the report says, "prostate cancer sufferers who ate the most saturated fat-that is fat largely found in animal-based foods- were found to have twice the risks of dying from the disease compared with others who ate small amounts"

The report continued, "the  effect of fish oils on prostate cancer was recently revealed by the Californian scientists, who claim it slows down the growth of prostate cancer cells and the oily fishes rich in Omega-3 fatty acids include mackerel, sardines, pilchards; salmon, trouts, and herrings"


This is the caption of the article in the British Daily Mirror dated 22nd November 2012 by the Daily Mirror Health correspondent Andrew Gregory.

New hope after trials on mice:  " Prostrate cancer sufferers have been given new hope after scientists eliminated the disease in mice."

Here, I quote the article: "Experts are stunned by the success of the "Trojan Horse" therapy, which involves hiding cancer-killing viruses inside the immune system to sneak them into a tumour"

The report continues, "Tens of thousands of the friendly viruses are inserted deep in tumours before being released all at once to kill cancerous cells"


The scientists at University of Sheffield found all the mice tested survived and showed no signs of the disease" Those on other treatments died after the cancer spread. The breakthrough, they stated had been hailed as "exciting"- and the first trials on patients could come as early as next year"

The report, in conclusion, states, " Researchers say the key to success is getting the viruses far enough inside the tumour. After chemo or radiotherapy, the tissue is damaged,causing a surge in white blood cells, which swamp the area to help repair the damage"

"Under the pioneering treatment, it is these white cells that are used to carry the cancer killing vuiruses and Professor Claire Lewis, of the University of Sheffield, said: "The problem is penetration. We're surfing tht wave to get as many white blood cells to deliver tumour-busting viruses into the heart of the tumour"

With the successes they achieved, Dr Emma Smith, of Cancer Research UK, said; "It is an exciting approach that has the potential to make chemo and radiotherapy more effective weapons against cancer"

From these articles, you can now agree with me that it will not be long before the scientists and medical Researchers of the world discoverbetter medication not only to prevent but eradicate this deadly disease. I'm very positive this will definitely happen within a few years from now!  Prostate Cancer Treatment!

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