Prostate cancer treatment saves your life!



Treatment of prostate cancer can be less complicated if the cancer was caught early than when it had become ADVANCED and have spread into various organs or parts of the body.

The treatment can involve multiple intake of prescribed tablets, injections, radiotherapy; chemotherapy and hormone therapy as well as surgical removal of the gland.

If a prostate cancer is detected early, the patient has as much as 80-90% of of survival! After successful treatment, the patient can successfully live a quality life for many years to come! With the help of hormone and radiotherapy treatment, the cancer cell can be scientifically destroyed leaving noncancerous organs unharmed!



This is one of the most popular type of prostate cancer treatment. Hormone treatment generally involves the use of tablets and/ or injections to stop the cancer from growing.

"Another form of hormone therapy is 'Surgical' hormone therapy. This involves removing the testicles in an operation called an 'Orchidectomy'. This form of treatment has become much less common since the introduction of other hormone treatments. Medical hormone therapy consists of 2 types of drugs:

"LHRH-agonists prevent the production of testosterone in the testicles. They are usually given once a month or every three months as an injection into the abdomen. This is usually done by your GP or Practice Nurse and avoids you having to take tablets every day."


This requires regular daily exposure at the Radiotherapy machines for a few seconds to minutes for at least 40-45 consecutive days! After 6 months of hormone and radiotherapy treatment the patient can comfortably return to normal life. Men always ask about their sexualitie.

The one notable side effect is IMPOTENCE! Some patients can have their erections between 50-55%! Others may have less than that. However, many patients are helped with drugs like Viagra to help to maintain suitable suitable erections. This is given freely prescribed by your GP if you live in Great Britain!


This is new and involves implanting of tiny radioactive seeds into the cancerous area of the prostate.


This involves the removal of the prostate and is mostly used when the cancer is only in the prostate itself.It cannot be removed if the cancer has spread to the other parts of the body.


Chemotherapy is usually used to treat people whose cancer has spread beyond the prostate and can't be controlled by hormone therapy.The purpose is normally to try to shrink and control the cancer and relieve symptoms with the aim of prolonging a good quality of life. The chemotherapy drugs are usually given by injection into the vein (intravenously) A TRIBUTE AND DEDICATION

There are many medical scientists painstakingly working and researching day and nights aspiring to relieve and find cures for many of the human diseases and illness especially cancer!

Among such great scientists are a great female medical cancer researcher Dr Katherine Vallis! Dr Katherine Vallis is a famous renowned leader in this field.

She previously worked and researched in Canada but returned to UK to continue her herculean tasks in finding cures for cancer! She specializes in Radiotherapy.


"The drugs she works on are designed to get inside cancer cells and emit radiation. This damages the cell's DNA, leading it to self-destruct. And because the radiation only travels a very short distance, the surrounding healthy cells shouldn't be harmed"

Dr Vallis has this to say, "One of our most exciting projects is a drug we are developing that could be effective against a lot of different cancers: breast,colon,ovarian,head and neck,and some brain tumours" She went on, " It has already been through its first stage safety tests in Canada. And now, thanks to Cancer Research UK, it will enter its second testing phase her"

"There are 17 research groups within the new institute, all focused on finding new and better ways of using radiation to beat cancer" she says. She went on, "This is a one of a kind place,'No one here works in isolation!" " I'm surrounded by colleagues who constantly add valuable insights to my works"

Dr Katherine Vallis and her colleagues and groups of researchers deserves our respects and encouragements for the great works! Yes, we have many reasons to not only cheer them up congratulate and thank them for their painstaking efforts to save humanity. I hope she will be recommended for a Nobel prize for medicine!

Prominent people who have survived prostate cancer includes the former president of South Africa Nelson Mandela, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber, Sir Roger Moore, Robert De Niro and numerous other in many parts of the world.


If you are a young man between the age of 40-50 and over,my advice is for you to visit your GP if you live in UK! If you live in Nigeria, South Africa, West Indies,China, Europe to mention a few, don't waste another minute! Go and check with a medical practitioner.

Don't rest nor be satisfied until the doctor gives you a clean bill of prostate cancer health clearance. And don't stop at that check every year or every two years! Remember that early detection saves your life!


To prevent prostate cancer, you must eat low fat diets with plenty of fruits and vegetables that is high in lycopene a substance found in processed tomatoes like Ketchup. Selenium: Selenium and Vitamin E supplements are found to reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer.

Eat Brazil nut it contains large quantities of Selenium. Eat lots of Spinach because this vegetable contains high levels of Vitamins A and K and also lots of Vitamins C, B2 and E. But most importantly,it contains lots of phytonutrients which is thought to reduce the risks of breast, prostate and stomach cancers. With thees foods you can surely wade off prostate cancer and many other kinds of cancer!

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