Pumpkin pumpkin leaves are healthy  when eaten with meat and vegetables!

Pumpkin and Fluted pumpkin:   Pumpkin is different from Fluted pumpkin and the leaves.  Pumpkin is generally pink when it is cut. In fact, pumpkin is in the family of Gourds,and Butternut squash.

They are soft and tender when cooked or boiled. They  can be eaten  on their own or with stew, and with assorted vegetables. It can  as well   be baked. The seeds are eaten as well after they have been sun dried or oven dried.

Fluted pumpkin is different from pumpkin because the vegetable crop is about 30 times larger and bigger than pumpkin. The colour is light greenish and chalky. The inside is generally deep  purple  when it is cut. In short it is like cocoa pods.  In addition, it contains about 100-200 seeds depending on the size. The seeds are about 3 times bigger than chestnut.  Nigerian fluted pumpkin

Pumpkin is a vegetable which goes well with several other vegetables such as carrots, fluted pumpkin leaves; runner beans, spinach, broccoli,  cabbage, cauliflower, courgette; as well as carbohydrates such as rice, parsnip, sweet potatoes and yam.

 Pumpkin meals for Lunch or for dinner:  The great thing about Pumpkin is that it is easily cooked. Yes, within 20 minutes, you will be able to have a decent healthy eating  meal, soft, tender and nourishing  The most exciting thing I like about pumpkin is its softness and unique natural flavour second to none.

Recipes and Ingredients:  This is for 4 people.

1..3lbs or 400g of pumpkin cut into few cubes and (boiled)

2..bunches of fluted pumpkin leaves chopped into several pieces and boiled with meat to taste.

3..4lbs of meat, ( select from chicken, beef, turkey; goat or lamb

4..2lbs of spring onion + one large onion chopped

5.. 8 sticks of fresh carrots peeled, washed and cut into sizes

6.. Seasonings: salt and pepper, + chilli or sweet pepper, thyme, sage, oxo, maggi or knor cubes + mixed spices

7..1 garlic clove peeled and chopped (optional

Cooking is easy once you have the meat separately boiled and the juice used in making the stew. To eat the pumpkin with stew, you have first to make the stew with as many seasonings and spices as possible. To make the stew, have a pot on fire with a few spoonfuls of vegetable oil.

You may use Olive or palm oil but the palm oil may affect the sharp tastes. Fry the onions and add all the other ingredients. The vegetables are to be boiled  separately and differently. Once the stew is ready, you can decide whether to serve hot or cold depending whether it is for lunch or dinner.

For each serving, dish out or put a few boiled pumpkin cubes in a plate, then add vegetables such as carrots, broccoli, fluted pumpkin leaves and runner beans.

Then, spread as many teaspoonfuls of the stew containing meat, chicken, beef or what other varieties of meat of your choice over the meal. As soon as this is done, you must remember that presentation is equally of utmost importance. You can now be proud you have made an excellent meal of pumpkin and pumpkin leaves and vegetables to make it a balanced diet.  Medicinal values of fluted pumpkin leaves!

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