Recipe for fried rice earned me my respectability!



Some years ago, I was unemployed for several months and the bills were cascading through my letter box like autumn leaves. Things became hard for me! There was no job I could possibly do to earn a decent wage or income to pay off the bills.

I haven't been depressed in my life but that was the first time I came near enough to know what depression is all about.

It is good to be good! The previous night was hell for me. Just about 11am the following day, my telephone rang and I answered it. I couldn't believe it when I learned that it came from somebody I helped in the past. It was more than three years when I helped him!

'Justus' he blurted out over the phone! "EE you still know how to cook?" he asked. "Why do you ask?" I retorted. He went on, I went to a recruitment agency in central London and I learned that they are desperately looking for some one to cover for an absent cook in a nursing home.

I told them that I have a friend who is capable of covering the shift and they asked me to call you but I don't know if you are at work or busy!" he narrated.What type of food do they want me to cook? I asked. "I don't know but if you are interested, I can give you the address of the agency. "Yes,I'm interested and would be there in a jiffy" I quipped. I arrived at the agency office after 20 minutes. My friend and I exchanged greetings and he introduced me to the manager.

A few minutes later,. I was at the home.Could you believe it that what was on the menu list was "Fried rice!" My eyes popped up!

With all pleasure, I cooked the fried rice and the patients loved it. That was how I got a job that not only paid my bills but gave me back my respectability. I stayed with the home until after one year when I got the type of job I was looking for. This story also teaches the facts of life that we should have more than one profession! It also teaches us that it is good to be good!


Before any good cook embarks on cooking any kind of food or diet,it is always advisable to make some plans. And also determine whether the meal is going to be eaten by one or two people. If to be eaten by four to ten people, then the cook has to make a bigger planning. Once the number of people to participate in the eating is more than four people an elaborate plan must be undertaken.

Fried rice for more than four people: Ikg of long grain (brown) rice. 2.onions cut into pieces and fried, 100ml of vegetable oil one oxo or nor cube (beef). A sprinkle of powdered nutmeg and Cinnamon to be added when the rice is fully cooked for taste.

1. Boil the long grain rice until it is three- quarters cooked.

2.Drain the pot of all the water and make sure the cooked rice look dry.

3.Pour the rice into a large frying pan with the fried onions, and add salt and pepper as well as the Cinnamon and the nutmeg. Continue to stir the rice continuously on the stove until the rice becomes brownish and dry. With experience, you will know when it is fully cooked. Allow to simmer for another 5-10 minutes and then switch off the cooker. This is a full recipe for fried rice!

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