Reduce risk colon cancer by eating the right diets and new lifestyle!

YES, YOU CAN REDUCE OR CUT THE RISK OF CONTRACTING COLON CANCER:  There are many kinds of cancers such as breast, lung, prostrate, liver, colon, bowel; skin,and mouth   to mention a few. As they say, "prevention is better than cure."

I must be frank with you, most of these deadly diseases can be prevented if only we are ready to listen and learn! You or your loved ones can prevent cancers and many other types of diseases!

And how do you prevent or cut the risk of having colon cancer or any other type or kind of cancers you may ask?  The answer is by adopting a new and right lifestyle and eating the right diets. If you are a smoker or one who drinks lots of alcohol, you can  adopt a new lifestyle by stopping smoking as well as stop drinking lots of alcohol!

You can never believe it, but it is true that God loves you and I and all his creations! There are solid evidences that he never meant that we should be ill or suffer any manner of sickness.  And then , if we are ill, He made so many fruits, herbs and vegetables and their juices ready not only to prevent but to relieve and cure some of our diseases or disorders! I trust His Infinite Wisdom and Mercy!

There are sufficient evidences to show that eating fruits and vegetables and lots of roughage will protect and prevent you from suffering from colon cancer or any other type of cancers!


"Colon cancer is a common type of cancer that occurs in the lining and glands of the large intestine and rectum. It is a silent killer because cancer patients are almost non-symptomatic before the cancer reaches metastatic stages and treatment has little effect"

"The aggregation of pathogens and toxins in the colon is the most important instigator of tumor growth. This is why elderly, people with habitual constipation or have poor digestive functions are at high risk of developing this deadly disease"

 I must stress that one of the best ways of preventing or minimizing the risk of colon cancer is by avoiding smoking and drinking of lots of alcohol!

Suitable diets and fruits and vegetables to eat to prevent Colon cancer:

Brown Rice:    Eating common food like brown rice just a few times a week can significantly lower your chances of colon polyps, growths that could lean to colon cancer'  This is according to the new scientific studies.

According to the Loma Linda University recent published article in Nutrition and Cancer, I quote, "When people chowed down on brown rice at least once a week, they reduce their risk of colon polyps by 40%!"

The study also found eating legumes-plants that bare their fruits in pods, like peanuts, green beans and edamame- at least once a week reduced the risk of colon polyps by 33%. Noshing cooked green vegetables once a day reduced risk by 24%, and eating dried fruits 3 times a week reduced risk by 26%, when compared with other subjects who ate these foods frequently"

Sweet potatoes:  Sweet potatoes are very effective for relieving constipation and irritable bowels, and they are considered a super food for colon cancer prevention.Sweet potatoesalso contain essential amount of phytosterols, which is another key defence against colon cancer.

Sweet potatoes area rich source of complex carbohydrates, dietary fibre, and antioxidant vitamins and minerals like beta carotene, Vitamin C, and E, pantothenic acid and manganese. It is found that high intake  of these nutrients can speed up the movement of your bowels, reduce your colon's exposure to toxins, and equally lower your likelihood of intestinal cell mutation"

Yoghurt:  Eating yoghurt every day can do a lot to help prevent colon cancer and it is also very essential to intestinal health.It also helps your bowel movements.

Broccoli and Brussels sprouts are very essential and noted for the prevention of all kinds of cancers!

BROCCOLI:   Broccoli is said to be the Number one vegetable for preventing many kinds of deadly diseases including cancers and heart disease.

"Raw Broccoli contains two of the most powerful anti-cancerous agents in nature,dinodylmethane and sulforaphane. The combined action of these two chemicals can effectively suppress tumor growth in even the more aggressive types of cancers.

Lightly cooked broccoli can give you more than 150% of your recommended daily intake (RDI) of vitamin C and 20% RDI of dietary fibre. It is also an excellent source of vitamin A, E, and K as well as folate, which are all critical to your digestive functions and immunity" Eat Brussels sprouts!

Tuna:  You can never believe it but it is true that eating Tuna fish can help you to prevent colon cancer as well as other kinds of cancer. Tuna contains tremendous amount of Selenium. "A 3- ounce tuna fillet gives you nearly 60% RDI of Selenium.

Eating tuna also supplies you with significant amount of essential Omega-3 and Omega-6 fat5ty acids. These good fats are not only important for your heart health, they are equally important to colon cancer prevention.It is equally true that having enough selenium in your diet is critical to detoxification of your system and preventing your risk of cell mutation.

Eating dried fruits as well as nuts especially Brazil nuts will not only give you loads of antioxidants but selenum as well. All these above mentioned diets, fruits and vegetables are bound to reduce your risk of  contracting colon cancer and other cancer.    Medicinal values of Brussels sprouts!

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