Roast chicken gravy recipes is a delicious every body's favourite dish!


This dish is definitely my favourite and I can never stop eating it in my home, in hotels and restaurant or any where in the world. Personally, this dish is magical especially when I have roast potatoes and many vegetable accompaniments to go with the dish. I mean vegetables like boiled carrots, runner beans, mushrooms, broccoli; Brussels sprouts to name a few! As for gravy, when I do the cooking, I go for 'Bisto' brand  for personal reasons.


1..1 large chicken about 3-4lbs (thoroughly cleaned, washed, and stuffed with 'paxo' ready made stuffing).

2..1 large onion (chopped or sliced)

3..1/4 tbsp of mixed herbs

4..1/4 garlic clove ( crushed and optional) Not many people like to eat their roast chicken with garlic. personally, I don't.

5..4tbsp of vegetable or olive oil

6.. 3 scoops of Bisto gravy mix.

7..Any other seasonings and spices

8..1 lemon, (cut into two halves)


a.. Roast potatoes and parsnip

b.. Boiled carrots, light boiled or steamed Brussels sprouts, broccoli, spinach, cauliflower, peas; mushrooms, and runner beans (Choose a few from the list)

Once you have all the ingredients sorted out, then the cooking is easy.However, as the title goes, you start with the roast of the chicken.

Before you roast the chicken, you have first after cleaning and washing, mix the ready made 'paxo' sage and onion with hot water and  mix until it is good enough much better than a mashed potato. Then stuff the sage and onion into the cavity of the chicken.

While you are stuffing the chicken,  preheat the gas cooker oven to 190oC, or turn the knob to 5 (depending the type of cooker you are using).

As the oven is being preheated continue with the chicken. Once you complete stuffing, add a spoonful of oil or rub a spoonful of margarine or butter inside the chicken as well.

Then, mix the herbs, garlic, oil, salt and  thyme and sliced onions and rob them over the chicken. If you like, you can use a knife or any instrument to prick  many parts of the chicken as you like. This is to ensure that all the seasonings penetrate into the chicken to give it much needed flavour.

Now the oven have been sufficiently preheated, place the chicken on a slab or roasting pan and cover with enough foil. Wrap the entire chicken with the foil and push the roasting pan into the oven and start roasting with low heat. The low heat is good for the cooking.

The cooking may take about 1 1/2 hours. Turn the heat higher for 10-15 minutes for the chicken to brown.

As soon as the chicken is roasted, collect the juices from the pan and combine it with hot water to make gray with the Bisto or knor or any other brand of gravy. You can allow the gravy and juices to boil for 2-5 minutes or put off the heat as soon as the bubbles emerge.

Finally, bring out the roast chicken from the oven and slice. Slicing depends on many people that are to participate in the eating as well as the number of servings.

Once the chicken are sliced and placed in the plate/plates, add the roast potatoes and parsnip including assorted vegetables such as carrots, runner beans, broccoli, mushrooms and finally the gravy.

That is all you need to do to cook your roast chicken gravy recipes. Congratulations! You have done a good job!   Chicken curry recipes!

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