Save heart and arteries by eating  and living a worthy lifestyle!

Our eating habits and lifestyle can make and unmake us:  By this statement, I mean that we can live healthy, young and live to a confident ripe old age but this can be determined by the  kind of foods we eat as well as by the type of lifestyles we live!

Any lifestyle that can dangerously  affect your heart and arteries can shorten your life!

Aspiring to smoke 20 sticks of cigarettes a day and drinking a whole bottle of vodka a day may sound impressive to some people but this may likely lead to early grave.

In the same manner, tucking a large quantity of cream cakes, sugary doughnuts, biscuits, crisps, mash mellows without eating fruits and vegetables are one of the surest ways to develop obesity and obesity can lead to several other chronic diseases which can equally lead to early graves.

There is a great need to keep your heart and arteries healthy!   'You never know what you have until you loose it' You will never realise the importance  of good health until you fall sick! Anything you can do to save your heart and arteries will be like winning a lottery  of  long life. I can tell you with all impunity that the lottery of good health is much much better than all the wealth in the whole wide world!

Your heart and arteries are probably two of the greatest organs that keep you alive and moving! Are you going to be alive if you have a dangerous or acute heart attack?   Eat heart healthy!

The answer is that you will definitely be dead! If all your arteries are choked or blocked as a result of your uncontrolled habit of smoking and drinking alcohol, this will equally lead to heart attack which may leave you dead!


Smoking and drinking alcohol:

I know you are serious about your life and would like to save both your heart and arteries. In fact, the first thing to do if you are a smoker is to stop smoking.

But please, don't do it in one day else, you will pay a heavy penalty addicts pay when they ignorantly want to quit a habit. Take it easy in moderation. If you smoke 20 sticks a day, reduce it to 15, 10, 5 and then pack it up!You will be glad you did!

You can as well take the same steps and give up drinking alcohol. You can do it!

Eating the right food,fruits, vegetables and drinking their juices: These are sure to save your heart and arteries. 

Grapes:   Grapes for example,is one of the healthiest fruits God in his Infinite wisdom created for our eating and enjoyment but most importantly, as preventive and curing fruit. Red grapes contain over 20 known antioxidants mainly in the skin and seeds. In fact, the more colourful the skin, the greater the antioxidant effect.

Antioxidants in grapes lower LDL cholesterol and relax blood vessels. The juice is equally super effective as an anti-clotting effects on the arteries.

POMEGRANATE FRUIT AND JUICE:   Both the fruit and juice are very essential in saving your heart and arteries because of the following factors:  Pomegranate has the highest levels of poly-phenol antioxidants and is super effective in combating free radicals and preventing a lot of diseases in our body including heart disease, hypertension, hemorrhoids, stroke, infertility, premature aging, osteoarthritis; Alzheimer's, cancer, prostrate issues etc.

You may ask what is Antioxidants? The answer is that Antioxidants are a super group of  vitamins, minerals and enzymes that help enhance  our health . They help to neutralize free radicals which can harm our bodies and hence prevent lot degenerative diseases.

EAT  FRESH FRUITS AND DRIED FRUITS WHICH ARE RICH IN FIBRE:   The fruits which are rich in fibre include apples, tomatoes, dates, figs,pears, avocado pearws; prunes and vegetables are Brussels sprouts, broccoli, spinach, watermelon, pineapples.strawberries and their juices as well.

To save your heart and arteries, you need to have regular physical activities including walking exercises too. You need to be psychologically positive in your daily life and aspiration. You must equally watch what you eat and the amonut of calories you eat daily.You must do everything to avoid obesity because obesity is dangerous to both your heart and your arteries.

Eat plenty of oily fishes which arerich in proteins and such fishes include Mackerels, Salmon, trouts,Tuna to mention a few. You must also form the habit of drinking as large quantities of WATER EVERYDAY OF YOUR LIFE AND  BY DOING SO, YOU CAN SAVE BOTH YOUR HEART AND YOUR ARTERIES!    Organic fruits and vegetables

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