Sweet sour pork recipes is an ideal week end lunch for a family!


Looking for a superb delicious family meal for a week end? Here is a recipe for such meal. This type of dish is not cooked every day or within the week days because it can be very expensive as well as time consuming.

Some people people don't enjoy eating pork for so many reasons especially on religious ground and this is understandable.

But then, there are people who do not eat the stuff because they don't know how to cook pork meat. Pork meat can be a delicious and nutritious meal once you know how to cook it. I love it and love to cook the meal at least once a month.

Pork meat and meal are always delicate to cook and sweet and sour pork with vegetables is not different from other pork cuisines.


1.. 4 lbs of pork tenderloin

2.. 2 eggs lightly beaten

3.. 3 lbs package frozen mixed vegetables, stir fry, with sweet and sour sauce and pineapples.

4.. 3 crisp rice crackers, crushed

5.. 1/4 tbsp of garlic powder

6.. 1/4 tbsp of ground dry mustard

7.. 2 tbsp of vegetable, sesame, or olive oil

8.. Small quantity of water, salt and pepper

9.. 2 sweet green peppers

With all the ingredients ready and handy, the cooking is definitely easy and you can start from trimming off the fat in the pork. Follow up with cutting or slicing the pork into shapes and sizes as per your eating choices.

Then mix the egg white and water in medium bowl. Stir in pork until well coated.

Mix crushed crackers, garlic powder and mustard in plastic bag or glass bowl. Add a few pork strips at a time,toss to coat evenly.

Then, spray 12-inch non-stick skillet with non-stick cooking spray: heat over medium-high heat until cooking spray starts to bubble.  Add vegetable, sesame or olive oil; then rotate skillet to coat the bottom and reduce the heat to medium.

Place pork strips flatin skillet; and cook for 3-5 minutes or until brown on bottom. Turn pork and cook for another 5 minutes more until no longer pink in centre.

Gently remove pork from skillet and wipe it clean. Then add frozen vegetables and sauce. Cover and cook for another10-15 minutes, stirring intermittently, until the vegetables are crisp-tender and sauce is hot.

Finally, stir the pork strips just until well coated with sauce. You can congratulate yourself and serve hot or warm as you and your family may wish. You now see how easy it is to cook Sweet and sour pork recipes with vegetables. Nigerian spicy chicken recipes!

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