Tips for healthy eating- eat nuts, eat Brazil nuts for good health!

Brazil nuts


There are numerous kinds of nuts such as coconut,peanut,hazel nut, macadamia nut, Brazil nut to mention a few. Many people don't realize that eating nuts is an important part of healthy eating. I know that there are many nuts in the world but I have chosen to write about Brazil nut which literally is the mother of all nuts!

Why should I chose to write as well as introduce Brazil nuts to you? I know this might be the question you may like to ask.

I chose to introduce Brazil nuts to you as a part of my tips for healthy eating! Make no mistake about it, Brazil nut is one of the best nuts in the world and they are the produce of Amazon rain forest countries like Brazil, Peru, Bolivia,Venezuela,Colombia and many others! Like many nuts, Brazil nuts are seasonal and one of the most important economic produce of these South American countries.

Brazil nuts are naturally in pods like cocoa. An average Brazil nut pod can have as much as 10-20 nuts.They are exported to all over the world apart from European countries because they were banned from being imported into Europe for some flimsy reason. THE HEALTH SCIENTISTS AND NUTRITIONAL EXPERTS HAVE WRITTEN SO MUCH ABOUT THE HEALTH AND NUTRITION VALUES OF THIS NUT!

My tips for healthy eating is eat nuts and most importantly Brazil nuts!

Brazil nuts contain 2,500 times as much selenium as any other nuts! Selenium discourages the aging process and stimulates the immune system." The protein in Brazil nut is of high biological value and is recognized as complete! That means that the nut contains all the essential Amino acids that are indispensable to life and maintenance and growth." "Brazil nuts are 18% protein,13% carbohydrates and 69% fat. However, the fat breakdown is roughly 25% saturated,41% monounsaturated and 34% polyunsaturated.The saturated content of Brazil nuts are among the highest of all nuts, surpassing Macadamia nuts,which are equally monounsaturated fat.The nuts are also pressed for their oil because of the resulting rich taste" says the experts.

Brazil nuts can often be substituted for Macadamia nuts or even coconut in recipes. Brazil nuts fresh from the shells are high in polyunsaturated fat content, primarily Omega-6!

Nutritionally,Brazil nuts are good sources of magnesium and thiamine and are perhaps,the richest dietary source of Selenium,one ounce can contain as much as 10 times the adult USA recommended Dietary Allowance"

Tips for healthy eating, Brazil nut is a panacea for many diseases including High Blood pressure,coronary artery diseases and diabetes. Brazil nuts are beneficial because they are rich in magnesium."

For vegetarians,Brazil nuts are an excellent and indispensable-addition to your diet because of the high fibre content and high level of protein they contain."

Brazil nuts can also act as a highly effective fattening food for those suffering from cancer, aids and other flesh-wasting diseases. "Brazil nuts are equally very important in helping to cure anemia, malnourishment and tuberculosis".

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Healthy, handy vegetables that are always available!
Healthy handy vegetables are easily available for super healthy cooking and eating!

Healthy eating fruits includes nuts fresh and dried fruits!
Healthy eating fruits fresh and dried plus nuts are all good for weight loss!

Eating healthy plans help us to eat the right diets!
Eating healthy plans help us to focus on the right diets with right nutrients!

Easy healthy eating diets are always popular!
Easy healthy eating meals are not only popular with spinsters but with bachelors as well!

Eat healthy tomatoes for super healthy living!
Eat healthy tomatoes because they are packed with immune-boosting vitamins A, and C!

Exotic vegetable stew is not only nutritious but healthy!
Exotic vegetable stew is not only nutritious but the mother of all stews!

Slimmers tropical fruits treat helps you loose weight gracefully!
Slimmers tropical fruits treat constitute every slimmers easy diets

Water everywhere,yet people take it forgranted!
Water, is the spring of life,and a natural saving element second to only air and sleep!

Healthy alternatives replace junk snacks and diets!
Healthy alternatives help you to avoid junk snacks and many other unhealthy foods!

Shredded roast duck is a delicious and nutritious diet!
Shredded roast duck can be eaten with plain salad as well as with roast potatoes and gravey!

Drink soya milk for wonderful health benefits!
Drink soya milk they help flatten out a pot belly!

Eat dietary fibre for fitness and good health!
Eat dietary fibre because it keeps you healthy as well as being effective in treating constipation!

Health benefits of peas are super and tremendous!
Health benefits of peas are numerous and essential to healthy living!

Nutritional values of prunes improve the digestive system tremendously!
Nutritional values of prunes include essentialnutrients such as copper, magnaessium and iron!

Health benefits of prunes help to improve the treatment of osteoporosis!
Health benefits of prunes include prevention of constipation,lowering of cholesterol and intestinal protection!

Eat beetroot and drink the juice for super good health!
Eat beetroot because they are not only loaded with vitamins C, but are super natural cleanser!

Eat sweet potatoes because they provide unique healthy eating nutrients!
Eat sweet potatoes. They contain essential vitamins and minerals which are excellent for our good health and healthy living!

Eat strawberries, they are high in vitamins, antioxidants and other nutritents!
Eat strawberries, they are delicious,nutritious, sweet; low in calories,and fats!

Eat nigerian pineapples, eat queens pineapples!
Eat nigerian pineapples because like other pineapples,they are low in calories,low in fat, infused with unique vitamins and mineral which are essential for good health and long life!

Eating healthy for less is a reality that can be achieved easily!
Eating healthy for less not only explains but give you reliable ways and factual foods you can eat for less or on the cheap!

Eating healthy on budget does not mean starving yourself !
Eating healthy on budget literally means deciding in advance what type of healthy foods to eat without spending much money!

Pomegranates reduce obesity is the latest research findings!
Pomegranates reduce obesity by reducing hunger pangs while increasing the feeling of being full!

7 day healthy eating plan is for Nigerians who care about their good health!
7 day healthy eating plan is suggested and arranged for those Nigerians who are conscious about their weight and good health and are willing to avoid overweight or obesity!

Eat home made lunch by controlling what you eat, and how much you eat!
Eat home made lunch especially diets that are full of dietary fibre!

Eggs mackerel kippers breakfast make an ideal choice for healthy eating!
Eggs mackerel kippers breakfast constitute a well balanced meal especially if baked beans, toast and tomatoes are included!

Pumpkin fluted pumpkin leaves are healthy when eaten with meat and vegetables!
Pumpkin fluted pumpkin leaves can serve as ideal healthy lunch or dinner meals!

Health benefits tomato updates explain eating tomatoes reduce heart attacks!
Health benefits tomato updates shows current findings of health values of eating tomatoes!

Health benefits vitamin E are tremendous and too great to be overlooked!
Health benefits vitamin E include the protection of essential cells in our body from oxidative stress!

Health benefits folic acid stress the importance of this life-saving vitamin!
Health benefits folic acid explains how important and helpful this great vitamin is to pregnant mothers and to all humanity!

Strawberry freezer jam is pleasant to eat any time of the day!
Strawberry freezer jam is a superb delicacy that can stay in the freezer for months without going off!

Eat radishes because they are super healthy and stablizes your blood sugar!
Eat radishes they are healthy eatingvegetables and can grow anywhere, any soil and even at deep window box!

Garden phyllo quiches is an ideal healthy nutritious dinner for a family!
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Mexican beef steak is a juicy sccullent mouthwatering dish!
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Nigerian instant noodles are quick meals for good health and vitality!
Nigerian instant noodles are high in carbohydrates and fat but low in fibre, vitamins and minerals!

Health benefits of snails are astounding, amazing and incredible!
Health benefits of snails are numerous regardless of ignorance!

Arctic pickles recipes explains the easiest way to make this super dish!
Arctic pickles recipes is a healthy eating and it is an ideal meal for weight watchers!

Grape floret salad is as great as having 5 portions of fruits and vegetables!
Grape floret salad is a low calorie fruits and vegetable salad!

Slushy fruit medley is a super delicious fruity side dish!
Slushy fruit medley is a fruit concentrated dish loved by every body especially at Christmas!

Oatmeal potato yeast rolls are tasty healthy eating rolls and super for lunch!
Oatmeal potato yeast rolls this explains in full details how to make these super delicious rolls!

Exotic apple pie recipes is a healthy eating tasty and delicious dish!
Exotic apple pie recipes is defitely a mouthwatering crusty dish with baking and custard exravaganza!

Exotic apricot pie recipes is a healthy eating delicacy loved by all people!
Exotic apricot pie recipes is a quick and easy pie to make and eat at any given time!

Squash carrot stuffing is a healthy eating and nutrtious side dish!
Squash carrot stuffing is a pleasant merry go round sort of a side dish!

Buffet layered salad is a low calorie healthy eating meal!
Buffet layered salad this article describes how this healthy eating meal is prepared!

Tomato and cheese pasta is a nutritious healthy eating side dish!
Tomato and cheese pasta is an ideal quick meal at any given moment especially for those in a hurry!

Macaroni cheese recipes is super loaded with healthy nutrients!
Macaroni cheese recipes is a very cheesy dish specially for cheese and pasta lovers!

Irish pot dinner recipes is an evocative super healthy delicious meal!
Irish pot dinner recipes is definitely one of the most nutritious tasty week end dishes!

Turkey pasta with spinach is an ideal low calorie but delicious meal!
Turkey pasta with spinach is a nutritious macaroni dish!

Turkey spinach quinoa recipes is a light side dish loved by weight-watchers!
Turkey spinach quinoa recipes is a brilliant, nutritious light meal for those who care about what they eat especially to avoid obesity!

Watercress beef salad is a warm healthy eating and juicy side dish salad!
Watercress beef salad is an apetizer cum light pleasant side dish!

Cool lemon treats recipes is a low calorie healthy side dish for all the family!
Cool lemon treats recipes is a superb healthy eating delicacy eaten especially during summer!

Eat exotic Nigerian plantains nutritious, delicious with health benefits!
Eat exotic nigerian plantains for good health, good nutrition,good flavour and as full delicious meal!

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Benefits of healthy eating

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