Watermelon fruits dessert are ideal healthy dessert for dry seasons in Nigeria!


Many of my readers have been asking me to give them an ideal healthy dessert to be eaten during the dry seasons in Nigeria.

The dry seasons in Nigeria starts about last week in November and extends to last week in April in many parts of Nigeria.  In some areas, it can start early and ends late and vice verse especially in the Southern parts of Nigeria.

The Northern part it can be a different thing altogether. I must I admit, I have never lived in the North and have not visited any part of the cities too.

Between December and January, the average weather temperature can be very severe with about 35-39 Celsius (110-120fh) compared with European countries, Scotland, Russia, Finland and Norway to mention a few the weather could be very bad and temperature drops to -30 Celsius.


IDEAL FOR 4 PEOPLE:     1.. One whole large watermelon in a tray

                                     2..4  large avocado pears

                                     3..1 pineapple (Queens)

                                      4.. 3 peeled ripped oranges

                                      5.. 5 Tangerines

                                       6.. 1 tin of peak milk


Preparations:   Gently cut the large watermelon into two equal halves and put each half in a tray. Then peel of the avocado pears and cut them into squares or any shapes you like and imbed them on the watermelon halves.

Continue the same with Oranges,tangerines,pineapples cut into cubes and inserted into the watermelon halves. You can add any other fruits of your choice from paw paw to mangoes, strawberries, garden eggs etc.

Once you complete the insertions, open the condensed or evaporated peat milk and pour all over all the fruits. Once this ritual is completed then you can go to work on this ideal dry season fruit dessert, cooler and thirst quencher!

Since you have 4 people you can now complete your mathematics the way you want it. Happy yummy yummy with watermelon fruits dessert! Organic fruits and vegetables!

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