Yam nutrition, yam is a healthy eating nutritious diet in Nigeria!



Yam nutritional value is grossly overlooked in Nigeria as well as in many other countries of the world where yam tubers are cultivated and eaten!

Yams are one of the most important staple foods of Nigeria and Nigerians are also one of the heaviest cultivators and consumers of yam tubers in the world.Many Nigerian farmers have made fortunes through yam cultivation. Yam nutrition can be enhanced through may ways such as researches,through publicity and various other awareness media. Yam is a very versatile diet in that it can be boiled,fried, roasted; grilled,cooked,baked and barbecued!It can also be cooked and eaten with many other vegetables and foods like rice and beans.It can be cooked with spinach as well as yam pottage where meat, fishes and nutritious spices and seasonings are added. YAMS ARE SEASONAL ROOT VEGETABLES

Yam nutritional values can be achieved if the yams are planted and harvested at the right time. More importantly, if the farmers assisted the yams through their germination and leafing periods. An average farmer can look forward to a bountiful harvest if the yam grows luxuriously with bushy leaves.

An average yam plant can grow up to 20 feet if assisted and well looked after by the farmer.A good yam harvest can be between 3-8 inches high and can weigh up to 75 kg. The yellow species in Nigeria always weigh more than some other species.

There are different species of yams in the world and cultivators can name them with ease! Again, yams can be different according to nationalities. Yams grown or cultivated in Nigeria can be different from those in America, Canada, Japan or India. YAMS HAVE ROUGH HARD SKINS

Yams generally have rough and hard skins which can be difficult to peel off.The skins are normally peeled off, cut into pieces or sizes and thoroughly washed before they can be cooked, boiled or fried.

Yams can equally be left to dry under the sun or oven dried. As soon as they are dried,they can be ground into powder forms and steam cooked to produce a kind of thick paste that resembles mashed potato.

This can produce a type of pounded yam called 'Amala' by the Yoruba people. Amala has nutritious value and can be eaten with any kind of soup especially one called 'Ewedu' This is another important means of achieving yam nutrition. Yam nutrition are so food precious and vast but most of the cultivators and consumers are ignorant of these values! YAM NUTRITIONAL VALUES ARE IMMENSE

In Japan for example,it is alleged that the Japanese yam produce can be used in the treatment of impotence possibly because of the vegetable's high Vitamin E content.

It is a fact, I repeat, that many farmers in many countries of the world who cultivate and eat yams are relatively very ignorant of the nutritional values. I know many Nigerians regard yams as any other ordinary food stuff eaten just to quench hunger and sustain life! Yam is not just starchy, carbohydrates root vegetable.

Yam is believed to provide about 110 calories per grams of the product.Yam is high in Vitamin C and B6, potassium,manganese and dietary fibre while being low in saturated fat and sodium.As a product high in potassium and low in sodium it is likely to produce a good potassium-sodium in the human body and therefore protects against osteoporosis and heart diseases"

It is equally true that yam products generally have lower glycemic index than potato products,which means that they will provide a more sustained form of energy and give better protection against obesity and diabetes"

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