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If you own a restaurant or African business, then it's important to know that YOUR business can can get a FULL PAGE on this website dedicated to your restaurant.

There are many reasons to create such a page. Let me name a few.

  • This website on African food attracts thousands of visitors interested in delicious meals every month. Many of them not only prepare their own food, but love going to a restaurant as well!
  • Many visitors are African or interested in African culture, and interested in African businesses of all kinds.
  • Having your page here is much cheaper than full page coverage in tabloids, and is up 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • You can customize the page however you like. Include photos, a sample menu, a personal story... you decide. No other directory offers such a flexibility.
  • It's like having your own website without the hassle of having to attract visitors. You get them instantly!
  • What's more? Visitors may even add ratings and comments. Use this to your benefit! Encourage happy customers to submit their praise and your web page turns into a recommendation to future clients or restaurant guests.

The fee? The first three months are FREE. After that, you pay only 100 GBP for 6 months. A bargain, really!

But... note that this free trial is a special introductory offer and valid for a limited time only, so hurry!

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Immediately reach thousands of potential clients through a web page dedicated to your African restaurant or business.

Just fill in the form below, include as much info as you want, upload up to 4 pictures and hit the Send button. You'll be able to preview your page and make changes if needed. Be sure to include your address and contact details!

When I have approved your page, you'll receive an e-mail asking you to sign up for the 3-month trial. After that you will pay £100 each 6 months. Payments are secure and processed by PayPal.

African Businesses On This Site

See the restaurants and businesses listed on this site. Click the links to find more information about each business.

Good day to you. This is Bright from ELITE AGRO EXPERT. We are one of the largest exporters of African/rough foods,nuts agro products in Nigeria. If …

Moin-Moin Alara, Lagos, Nigeria. 
Moin-Moin Alara is a division of Alara foods that is basically into moinmoin production for both indoor and outdoor meals. Moin-Moin Alara is unique …

Moin-Moin Alara, Lagos, Nigeria. 
Moin-Moin Alara is a division of Alara foods that is basically into moinmoin production for both indoor and outdoor meals. Moin-Moin Alara is unique …

Moin Moin Expresso, Abuja Nigeria 
Moin Moin Expresso is moi moi and akara made easy. It's beans hygenecally cleaned & milled into flour and mixed already with onions,chilli (black & white),seasoning …


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