Preparing Akara Balls

Preparing Akara Balls

Akara balls are extracts from either black eye or Nigerian’s newest brown beans. They are soft in texture, tender, tasty and easily eaten! Most importantly, they are very rich in protein! They can boost energy and equally constitute one of the best of all fat burning diets in the world!

These very nutritious balls are equally a part of healthy eating diet when eaten with cucumber, lettuce, mushrooms and broccoli.

Many Nigerians traditionally, eat the balls with bread, pap (Akamu in Ibo and Ogi in Yoruba dialect) or eaten with a special corn meal called (agidi).

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Assuming that you have not done this before, the first thing to do is to have a small bag of beans ready. Take a small bag (500 gram) of Nigerian black-eye or brown beans. I suggest half a bag (250 grams) to start with. This can be bought at Tesco shops or from any local grocery or provision shops near you.

Gently rip the bag open and pour half of the beans into a bowl and add hot, warm or lukewarm water to soak the beans for 20-30 minutes. You will notice that the beans will look bigger once they are fully soaked.



I prefer using Nigerian brown beans because not only that the skins are easily peeled off but they are equally sweet beans compared with black-eye. You can peel off the skins by (a) squeezing the beans with your hands. (b) You can use cheese grater or shredder and constantly rub a hand full of the beans on the shredder intermittently until all the skins are removed.


Once the skins are thoroughly removed, it is then time to pour the beans into a grinder. Add small quantity of water. Use your commonsense to measure the quantity of water to be added. Remember that if you add so much water, the output will be watery.


The quantity of beans you put in the grinder will determine the amount of water to put. You can start with small amount. Grind until the beans are creamy paste and then pour into a bowl. You are in control! For Akara balls, you can then add small quantity of salt and pepper and cut onion rings and stir until well blended. (See my


Once the creamy paste are fully stirred and blended, it is time to fry. Pour vegetable oil into a non-stick frying pan and light the stove. Allow the oil to heat before you take the next step. To fry, scoop as many spoonfuls as possible and insert them into the frying oil. Turn the scoops over to form balls! With half bag (250 grams) of beans, you can have between 40-50 balls to feed four to five members of your family.

Akara balls can be eaten with all sorts of vegetable and food combinations.

Starting from bread, Quaker oats,custard,fried riped plantains; lettuce, cucumber, broccoli, runner beans etc;(Once again, look at my photographic displays ( images of fried akara balls).

How’s that! “Easy!” You can do this as often as you can! For your healthy eating, the choice of vegetable combinations to eat with is entirely yours! You can see that it is fun!

Can you imagine half a bag of beans costing as little as 50-75p producing akara balls to feed four or five people! The balls can be eaten hot or cold and can be stored in the freezer for up to three weeks to one month. They can be warmed in the microwave too!

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