Amazing Foods that Make You Healthy

by Alesha Wilson
(Wilmington, NC)

There are some people who do not seem to gain weight despite having a large appetite.
Most people probably envy these individuals, but rather than just envying, why don’t you
strive to be like them? And yes, eating can help you lose weight. In fact, eating is the
solution to your weight problems. Curious already? Why don’t you familiarize yourself with
these foods to get you started?

1. Cucumber. Aside from reducing your eye bags, this popular fruit can actually help
you feel less bloated by eliminating water weight. All you have to do is add a few
slices of cucumber, which has very few calories, into a glass of water and drink
up. You can also eat cucumber seasoned with pepper and vinegar to get the same
2. Lemon. One good way to detoxify your colon so that your body can absorb nutrients
easier and pass toxins faster is by drinking water infused with lemon. Aside from
that, you can also add the juice of lemon in favorite dishes.
3. Apples. Apples are amazing. It can give you energy and antioxidants. In fact, if you
don’t want to be a coffee addict, one alternative is by eating an apple a day. If you
keep the skin on, you will get even more of the nutrients in it. Why don’t you try any
of the many apple recipes that exist, preferably those that include cinnamon, which
is another nutrient powerhouse on its own?
4. Peanut butter. Who isn’t tempted to eat peanut butter? Though this has a lot of
fat, it’s healthy fat so you don’t have to worry. Besides, one spoonful of peanut
butter can already make you feel full so that you don’t crave for unhealthy snacks. A
peanut butter sandwich would be great as an after workout snack, too.
5. Avocado. This fruit, which is also rich in good fat, can be eaten as snack or included
in salads or sandwiches. Some even prepare meals that include avocado these days.
With the many preparation options, you will not run out of ways to give your body
the benefits of this fruit.
6. Peppers. If you want to lose weight even while eating, make sure that you eat foods
that encourage your body to metabolize and use up calories. Examples are pepper
and cayenne, both of which you can easily add to any meal any time of the day.
Alesha is a wonderful and an amazing contributor to this website. She knows her onions! She's an expert in this field and I pray you to form the habit of reading her contributions because you will always find something wonderful and exciting to change your life for better!

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