Beans Recipes - The Answer To Good Healthy Eating and Long Life

Beans recipes hold everything needed for good health and long life. You can never believe it, but it is true and rather incredible that eating beans could supply the missing link in healthy eating many people all over the world have been searching for!

“Eureka!” I have found that beans and its extracts can comfortably be eaten to achieve most of the vital proteins we have been searching for all the years!

I’m not only excited but enthusiastic and happy about my discovery!

Many nations of the world have been growing, harvesting, selling; buying and eating beans throughout the ages without knowing how important beans really are to our lives and healthy eating! Only the Red Indians nearly came near to discovering the importance!

Beans Recipes - Brown beans

Beans and its extracts are the safest, nutritious and harmless healthy eating protein rich diets in the world! I want you to believe me, eating beans and its extracts are highly promoted in this my website. They say, “The proof of the pudding is in the eating!”

I believe this is true and in that case, I pray you to open your eyes wide and see if you can find what I have found in beans and its extracts! Beans and beans extracts are the simplest healthy eating diets in the world! Many of you may not have seen, tasted or eaten these beans’ extracts I’m talking about.

It is one of those old aged healthy eating extractions many people in the western world have never witnessed or thought about. However, I have mentioned the names especially when I recommended the meals to Nollywood stars.

In Nigeria, these extracts have been achieved and eaten millions of times but many of the extractors have never looked at them as something significant to healthy eating. In fact, many Nigerians look upon the meals with disdain. How little they knew!

Even during the civil war in Nigeria, the Biafrans were looking for foods to sustain them not knowing that beans and its various extracts could have not only provided, but supplied the sustaining energy as well as improved their healthy eating habits.

If you are looking for healthy eating balanced diets, search no more for beans and its extracts will provide all you want.

If you are a weight-watcher, then search no more for here is a decent meal you can comfortably eat and still loose weight gracefully!

The importance of beans recipes in good healthy eating is grossly overlooked. Which ever way you look at beans, or cook beans, it is a diet that will help you not only to obtain the best protein, but help you to achieve good health and long life!

Beans Recipes - Black eye beans

Beans recipes are good for the Kings, Queens, Hollywood, Bollywood, Nollywood stars as well as for the pregnant and nursing mothers; the vegetarian, diabetics, weight-watchers; the village peasant farmers and every young and old people.

Beans comparatively are the cheapest healthy eating diet in the world! It is cheap to grow, harvest and to buy. In Nigeria, beans can be cooked with yam, rice, plantain; corn and many other combinations. As beans recipes are protein rich, when eaten with yam or rice which contains starch and carbohydrates, they can constitute a healthy balanced diet!

Health Food Shops and Black Eye Beans

It appears that it is only the health food shops all over the world that realise the importance of beans as an important healthy eating diet. In every health shop in the world, you will see black eye beans on the shelves. I have seen them in Germany, USA, France and a host of many other civilized countries of the world. If you don’t believe me check it out for yourself.

Nigeria produces many kinds of beans such as broad, soya, brown; kidney, and black eye to mention a few. Brown and black eye beans are the most popular in Nigeria. The brown beans are sweet compared with black eye and the skins can be easily removed if there is a need for that. In terms of economy, beans are comparatively cheap when compared with many other healthy eating diets.

In these days of food scarcity and food shortage, where can you find a bag of beans (500 grams) costing between 75p and £1.50 to feed 5-10 members of a family? Yes, the small bag of beans bought for 75p (black eye) and £1.50p (brown) can be turned into meals to feed between 5 and 10 members of a family!

Want To Know More About Beans Recipes?

Preparing Akara Balls
Akara balls are extracts from either black eye or Nigerian’s newest brown beans. They are soft in texture, tender, tasty and easily eaten!

Nigerian Foods - Moi Moi In Creative Designs, Sizes and Shapes
Moi moi has more sustaining and healthy benefits than most of Nigerian foods I have ever cooked and eaten.

Extracting Moi Moi From Nigerian Brown Or Black Eye Beans
Ladies and gentlemen, I have great pleasure in introducing to you moi moi, one of the most important beans recipes you can think of!

How to achieve long life through healthy eating
This article explains how to cook Nigerian black eye beans

Beans and rice diet are loved by average Nigerian
Beans and rice are equally Nigerians' favourite staple diet

Black beans recipe are nutritious, tasty and spicy!
Black beans recipe are South Americans' staple diet!

Eat beans and squash they are super and healthy!
Eat beans and squash for good health, fitness and long life because they are packed with protein and potassium!

Bean sprouts recipes are normally white in colour, crunchy and nutritious!
Bean sprouts recipes have not only nutritional values but health benefits and are equally light and low in calories!

Okporoko beans dish recipes is an exclusive Nigerian mouthwatering dish!
Okporoko beans dish recipes explains a very special way you can cook, present and eat nigerian stockfish!

Lamb steak chilli beans is a healthy eating nutritious meal!
Lamb steak chilli beans describes how easy it is to cook this sumptous and delicious meal!

Lima butter bean salad is a nutritious low calorie and protein rich meal!
Lima butter bean salad this article teaches how to prepare this pleasant salad dish!

Bean and sausage bake is an ideal healthy light side dish!
Bean and sausage bake is one of those side dish meals favored by respective weigght-watchers!

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