Benefits of vinegar are too numerous to narrate!



You never know how important and powerful a simple bottle of vinegar you hold in your hand can be until you learn the astounding benefits they can provide to you.

I was flabbergasted when I read a book entitled "10001" things you can do with Vinegar! I must admit, it was hair raising to read about so many things you can do with a simple jar or bottle full of vinegar. We all take that stuff for granted!

For many ignorant people including me, we only know that you can add a few droplets on fish and chips and that's all. Oh, no, vinegar's usefulness is just one million times greater than that! I advise you to find and buy this book I mentioned "10001" things you can do with vinegar.

What you will learn from this book will amaze you and the knowledge you will acquire will remain with you all your life!


What you will learn from this article is relatively too small compared with what you will find when you buy the book which I highly recommend.

Most of us use vinegar to make salad dressings or to splash on our fish and chips,but vinegar is far more versatile than that.

If you are cooking or boiling meat for example,to make it tender, all you have to do is to add a few drops of vinegar and this will make the meat not only tender but succulent!

Adding a few drops of vinegar while cooking pasta will definitely prevent stickiness and equally a dash or splash of it at poached eggs will make the eggs well formed.


Do you find it hard to lose weight, then learn how vinegar can help you do that and you see the result fast in a few days time. All you have to do is simply mix a tablespoonful of any type of vinegar into a glass of water and drink it daily. This will effectively regulate your blood sugar levels and curb your appetite for foods.

You have the power to control this compared with many other types of dieting or slimming methods. By that, I mean you can stop as soon as you have achieved results.

As an antiseptic, you can use vinegar on cuts, grazes, or to soothe painful sunburn. You can equally use it as skin toner by mixing it with water and splash the stuff all over your skin. It will not harm you.

As an antiseptic, you can keep white distilled vinegar in the bathroom and use it as antiseptic.

As a detergent, you can use white distilled vinegar and you can see how effective it can be in minutes. The Ancient people including the Egyptians used vinegar to perform several wonders such as embalming the dead as well as providing many useful things that were unimaginable and other superhuman feats.

The Roman Gladiators were known to have used the services of vinegar before any fight in the arena.


To clean and polish your dirty windscreen wipers, polish chrome and the metallic body, just use neat vinegar on a soft cloth and gently clean and polish. You see the result as quick as possible.


To remove unpleasant odours inside your car,simply leave a bowl of white distilled vinegar on the car floor inside your car overnight. By the following morning, you will find that the odours have evaporated into the thin air.


Vinegar to serve as weeds, all you have to do is to pour neat white distilled vinegar along or on the areas to remove the unwanted weeds.You can try this today after reading this article. It is not not only active but non-toxic weed killer.

Vinegar can also discourage cats and ants from congregating where they are not wanted . Use this at any given moment and see the result!

Finally, remember to have a bottle of Vinegar handy within your household for cooking, cleaning, antiseptic, gardening or even for weight loss you can never go wrong.

If you want to know more about the benefits of Vinegar, find and buy this book 10001 things you should know about vinegar. Don't forgetthat there are different kinds of vinegars, but white distilled is always the best. Have a happy adventure in vinegar!

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